Fleet Safety Solution

Reduce accidents by up to 30% with KeepTruckin’s AI-powered safety platform.

The AI Dashcam

Our AI Dashcam is powered by the leading edge AI processor and advanced computer vision algorithms that detect unsafe driving with industry-leading accuracy.

Automatic video review and coaching

Our advanced event intelligence technology and in-house safety team analyze your videos instantly to determine the context and severity, and then automatically coaches your drivers when they complete their trip.

Reduce future risk with DRIVE

The DRIVE score provides an objective measure of risk that studies show is 5x more predictive of future accidents than the industry’s leading safety score.

Prevent accidents and lower costs with the AI Dashcam

Frequently asked questions

The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway and AI Dashcam instantly detect and alert drivers on unsafe behaviors (including cell phone usage and close following) with industry-leading accuracy. Then our advanced event intelligence and our in-house safety team analyze every video for you within seconds of the event to determine the context and severity. Managers get prioritized videos with rich, actionable insights, and drivers are automatically coached on correctable behaviors when they complete their trip.

Telematic events like hard brakes, hard accelerations, and hard corners trigger video. AI-event detection also triggers video.

No. The AI Dashcam uses cellular connectivity in the Vehicle Gateway to upload all triggered video content.

The AI Dashcam can be used with any subscription plan; however, many other safety features that can be used to help prevent accidents, like speeding, are only available in the Pro or Enterprise subscription plans.

We currently offer both a road-facing and dual-facing dashcam. The road-facing dashcam only has one camera that records what’s on the road, and the dual-facing dashcam has both a road-facing and driver-facing camera that records in the cab. Customers can purchase either camera.

If a dashcam is disconnected, your fleet admin will automatically be notified.

A Vehicle Gateway is required in order to power the AI Dashcam. However, you can choose to only use the AI Dashcam functionality once a Vehicle Gateway is installed.

The AI Dashcam stores footage from the past 68-104 hours of continuous HD recording.

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