75% of Small Fleets Are Now ELD-Compliant, Latest Survey Shows

75% of Small Fleets Are Now ELD-Compliant, Latest Survey Shows

The ELD mandate implementation for smaller fleets and owner-operators has always been a bit of a concern. However, a survey recently conducted by CarrierLists showed that the compliance rate among small fleets has now risen significantly.

Out of the 361 fleets that CarrierLists reached out to, 75 percent reported that they are now compliant with the FMCSA’s ELD rule.

The small fleets that participated in the survey have between five to 100 trucks.

Compared to the previous CarrierLists surveys, the latest ELD compliance rate is a marked improvement. The ELD compliance rate in early October was only 23 percent. Another survey conducted by CarrierLists on November 3, 2017, showed that the ELD compliance rate among small fleets was only 40 percent.

The delay could be because of the protests that some groups were doing against the ELD mandate. The OOIDA was also attempting to delay the ELD mandate’s implementation deadline by filing petitions in courts and taking matters in Congress.

However, now that all such attempts to delay the mandate have been thwarted, we are seeing an increase in the compliance rate for small fleets.

A Big Difference in Compliance Rates

The survey showed a big difference between the compliance rates of long-haul and regional carriers.  

Nationwide and Super Regional compliance rates are now hovering at 90 percent, while regional carriers haven’t broken 70% and have spent the past three weeks on a downward trend,” the survey mentioned.

Regional carriers are those operating within a radius of 1,000 miles.

What’s Next?

The ELD mandate is now mandatory. Non-exempt truckers do require compliant electronic logging devices to continue operating without any hassle.

Besides compliance, electronic logging devices also have several other benefits. For instance, with the KeepTruckin ELD solution, carriers can reduce fuel wastage, reduce administrative burdens, improve vehicle maintenance, analyze their fleets’ performances, streamline communication, set up alerts for proactive management, and much more.

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