Combat the Driver Shortage: Budget-Friendly Tips to Help Retain Drivers

Combat the Driver Shortage: Budget-Friendly Tips to Help Retain Drivers

The driver shortage is impacting fleets, and carriers are actively trying to recruit new drivers. With high turnover rates, a great way to retain drivers is to make sure they’re happy. We spoke with numerous drivers and came up with four easy-on-the-wallet tips to help you increase driver satisfaction.

1. Provide realistic expectations for new drivers

Be honest about the role and potential challenges. You don’t want to sugarcoat the job to a new hire just to get them onboard — it may result in rapid turnover, which costs more in the long run.

2. Maintain driver loyalty through feedback

54% of the drivers we surveyed said they felt disconnected from their company. By creating feedback channels between drivers and dispatchers, you can bridge the gap and let your drivers know that their opinions are valued. Learn more on how to incorporate driver-fleet feedback.

3. Create incentives for drivers to switch to e-logs

Electronic logs provide business benefits to fleets by providing an automatic audit system for HOS violations. They also simplify communication between dispatcher and driver. But, not all drivers are ready to make the transition from paper to e-logs. Drivers accustomed to paper logs may need a little extra push. Instead of forcing your drivers to use e-logs, provide incentives to encourage them to make the change on their own.

4. Reward cost-saving behavior

You don’t have to categorically increase driver pay, but you can provide conditional pay increases for drivers who consistently demonstrate cost-saving behavior like efficient fuel use, vehicle maintenance, and a clean driving record (which also saves you from incurring fines and can protect your CSA score).


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