July 1, 2015

Could mobile tech help recruit millennial drivers to your fleet?

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The driver shortage and high turnover rates are well documented industry challenges for fleets. The ATA estimates the shortage is now north of 35,000 drivers, and yet despite being a well documented problem, fleets continue struggling to attract and retain drivers.

Over one-third of the workforce is now a millennial (born 1980+), and that percentage is growing quickly. What’s interesting about millennials is that they’re similar to seasoned drivers — they value independence, autonomy, and connection to purpose. Why can’t fleets then attract more young drivers?

To attract millennial drivers, many fleets have turned to perks or incentives, like in-cab satellite TVs or sign-on bonuses. However, making such purchases isn’t feasible for many fleets, particularly smaller ones, when there are known challenges and expenses associated with ensuring Hours of Service (HOS) rules compliance, or increased DOT and FMCSA regulation.

Mobile Tech = Appeal to millennials + Reduce overhead expenses

Fleets that have adopted the KeepTruckin mobile app have not only been able to reduce HOS violations or eliminate paper logs, but they can also use it as the modern tool to attract millennial drivers.

If you ask a young, new driver to fill out a paper log and then fax it to your safety manager, they might think you’re from the stone age. Ask them to use their mobile phone though? Yep, no problem, mobile phones are ranked as more important than a toothbrush to millennials.

Next time you’re interviewing a millennial, avoid spending extra on a sign-on bonus or satellite TV. Instead, consider showing how your fleet is on the cutting edge of technology logistics, and that your mobile tech is the competitive advantage you’ll leverage to increase safety and win more business.

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