Connecting your fleet with ELD Disconnects

Connecting your fleet with ELD Disconnects

What happens when a driver unplugs the ELD in their vehicle? We know it happens, but it’s hard to track. It’s important to monitor, or else you risk a violation when the officer is able to tell that the ELD has been unplugged. Announcing ELD Disconnects, a new ELD feature that will alert you when a device is unplugged. You never again have to worry that an unplugged ELD will result in a violation; you will be alerted right when the driver connects again.

Tamper Detection 2.0

In December, we rolled out Interrupted Driving Events to avoid ELD tampering. Our customers appreciated how it helped them easily find when drivers were misusing the ELD. Fleet Managers could easily go to the dashboard and see when a driver disconnected the ELD while driving.

We wanted to make the tamper detection even better. Now, we can detect when an ELD is tampered with, whether the vehicle is in motion or at rest. By looking at differences in time, location, engine hours, and odometer readings, the ELD identifies events when the ELD is unplugged at any time.

ELD Disconnects -differences in time, location, engine hours, and odometer readings

Under ELD Events in the KeepTruckin Dashboard, we’ve rolled out an ELD Disconnects section for you to easily track each of these events when they are detected. You’ll be able to see the differences in data between the disconnect and reconnect, which will show you what flagged the ELD Disconnect event. We’ll also show you the location of the disconnect and reconnect so that you can see exactly what happened.

ELD Disconnection Event

Giving You Control of Your Fleet

We understand that it can be hard to keep track of everything going on in your fleet. You can’t keep track of what every driver is doing at all times. We built this feature to take some of the pain out of keeping track of your fleet and making sure that each vehicle stays compliant. Without having to read through lines of data, the event will automatically be created for you to view on the Dashboard. Now you will always know when an ELD gets unplugged, making compliance easier.

Do you have any questions regarding our ELD Disconnects feature? Call us now at 855-434-ELOG, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your questions.


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