August 1, 2017

6 Reasons to Start ELD Implementation Right Now

6 Reasons to Start ELD Implementation Right Now

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ELD mandate is by far the biggest affair in the American trucking industry right now. It is because the upcoming ELD mandate applies to approximately 3.5 million commercial drivers.

The ELD mandate compliance deadline is December 18, 2017. It’s just a few months away now. According to a survey, approximately 81% of large fleets have already adopted ELDs. However, there are some fleets — especially smaller carriers — that are still waiting.

Although the deadline is December 18, 2017, waiting for the last moment to start the ELD implementation process is a big mistake. The ELD implementation process can be complicated and time-consuming and can have numerous adverse consequences for late-starters.

In this blog post, we highlight the importance of starting the ELD implementation process right away and 6 of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t wait at all.

1. Reduced Operating Costs

ELDs can dramatically reduce your cost of operations. It means that the sooner you implement ELDs, the more you can reduce your cost of operations and increase your profits.

ELDs are now much more than just a way to ELD mandate compliance. They are packed with features that streamline operations, reduce administrative burden, minimize expenses, and maximize profits.

For example, automated IFTA calculation can help you save dozens of hours and thousands of dollars at least four times in a year. With the help of idle-time tracking, you can easily identify the drivers who are wasting valuable fuel. ELDs also reduce the total Hours-of-Service violations, which means fewer penalties to pay and an improved CSA score.

All these features combine to significantly reduce the cost of operations and maximize the profit for your fleets.

By implementing ELDs now, you can start reducing your operating cost right away. By the end of December 2017, that amount could be in thousands of dollars that you can utilize in expanding your fleet’s operations and buying new vehicles.

2. Get Ahead of Your Competitors

ELDs are an excellent way to get ahead of your competitors. By diving deep into the data ELDs gather and provide, you can make data-driven decisions that allow you to tap into various growth opportunities.

With the help of ELDs, you can improve driver retention rates, identify drivers’ driving behaviors and anticipate who is more likely to get into an accident, improve vehicle maintenance, and much more.

However, the catch here is that after the ELD mandate deadline, your competitors will also have access to all this data and insights. So if you want to get ahead, you’d need to implement ELDs before they do.

3. Finding a Good ELD Provider Takes Time

Let’s face it. Finding the right ELD provider for your fleet would take time.

There are now so many ELD providers in the industry that it’s hard for a company to choose from them. Also, it is important to note that not every ELD would ensure compliance.

There are several factors that you must consider.

A good way to start is by checking whether or not an ELD is in the FMCSA’s list of certified ELDs. Additionally, there are other technical things to worry about, too.

What kind of features does the ELD solution have? Do drivers love their mobile elog app? How does the ELD relay data to the drivers’ mobile devices?

Recently, the FMCSA confirmed that ELDs that use cellular connections are a compliance risk. The perfect ELD solution should have a Bluetooth connection, like KeepTruckin.

On top of that, KeepTruckin has now also added USB connectivity to its ELD solution for Android devices (support for iOS coming soon) to ensure 100% compliance all the time.

These are some of the many technical aspects that you’d have to consider before picking up the right ELD solution. If you start the ELD implementation process now, you will have ample time to conduct your research.

Otherwise, you may end up compromising on important stuff that you shouldn’t.

4. Sufficient Time for ELD Training

At the moment, fleet managers, as well as commercial drivers, are not entirely familiar with ELDs and how they are supposed to operate. They need sufficient time for proper ELD training.

It’s going to take more than just a few days. And remember, any potential mistakes after December 18, 2017, may result in noncompliance.

On the other hand, if you implement ELDs now, you will give your company, commercial drivers, and fleet managers enough time to understand how ELDs work, how drivers are supposed to operate it, and how fleet managers can leverage ELD data for better management.

Introducing ELDs well ahead of the deadline will give you ample time for training, which should be followed by a testing period of several months.

Otherwise, without proper training and multiple coaching sessions, you may be at a risk of being noncompliant after the ELD mandate deadline.

5. A Possible Price Hike

ELD prices are expected to rise as the ELD mandate deadline grows close.

Because more and more fleets would be buying ELDs, it may increase the prices that you see nowadays. If you want to lock these current low prices, you will have to act now.

There is no guarantee whatsoever that the prices of these different ELD solutions won’t change near the deadline.

6. A Shortage of ELDs Can Disturb your Plans

Apart from the possible price hike, there is also a strong possibility of the shortage of ELDs.

What if your favorite ELD manufacturer couldn’t keep up with all the orders? That would result in a shortage of ELDs.

As a result, you’d either have to go with another ELD vendor (a less-desired option) or stay non-compliant after the ELD mandate deadline. It’d be a lose-lose situation for you.

Parting Advice

Thankfully, you can avoid all these problems (and more) by taking action right now.

Start your ELD implementation process now to lock-in amazing prices, start reducing the cost of operations, get ahead of competitors, and maximize your profits.

Request a FREE demo of the KeepTruckin ELD solution now. KeepTruckin ELDs are FMCSA certified and start from just $20 per month — no additional charges.

If you have any questions, call us at 855-434-ELOG or drop an email at

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