ELDs Must be Registered, The FMCSA Reminds Safety Officers

ELDs Must be Registered, The FMCSA Reminds Safety Officers

On August 9, Danielle Smith, a transportation specialist from the FMCSA’s passenger carrier division reminded law enforcement officers that ELDs (Electronic Logging Device) should be registered at the FMCSA.

Danielle said, “It’s not an ELD unless it’s listed on our website. That’s going to be part of what you do during an inspection; you’re going to verify that it is a registered ELD…”

She announced it during the North American Inspectors Championship which was hosted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

Her message was addressed to the law enforcement officials.

During her presentation, she talked about the procedures concerning ELD data transfers through wireless platforms like USB ports, Bluetooth, or email.

Another crucial point that she mentioned is how carriers should replace or repair their ELDs should it malfunction. She specified how they need to do it within 8 days from the time they learn of the malfunctioning device.

Some speakers in the event also advocated the use of ELDs. They encouraged drivers not to fear the technology and to embrace it since there are benefits to be had from using an electronic logging device.

For those who have yet to transition to ELDs and are wondering how the device can help them, here’s a 30,000-foot perspective on the benefits that they can enjoy from using the device:

  • Stay compliant with the ELD rule after the ELD mandate deadline
  • Avoid major truck maintenance issues
  • Reduce their fuel expenses by reducing idling and fuel wastage
  • Improve CSA scores
  • Avoid road crashes and increase fleet safety
  • Reduce paperwork and the costs associated with it
  • Identify dangerous driving behaviors and rectify them
  • Hours of Service compliance with automatic logging and real-time alerts for upcoming HOS violations

Of course, these are just a few of the many ELD benefits. Depending on the ELD features, fleets can achieve so much more.



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