7 Habits of Highly Effective Fleet Managers

7 Habits of Highly Effective Fleet Managers

“Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential.” — Stephen R. Covey, the author of the book 7 habits of highly successful people.

In the best-selling book, Stephen R. Covey explains several things and highlights the importance of adopting good habits and what makes people successful.

It is no secret that good habits not only help with day-to-day operations but also improve the quality of a person’s life.

In today’s trucking industry, both the commercial drivers and fleet managers have extremely tough jobs and could really do with a good set of habits and workflow to follow. The trucking landscape is shifting rapidly, and fleet managers need to stay on top of everything to really make a difference.

To help all the hard-working fleet managers, we share 7 habits in this blog post that can help fleet managers improve their efficiency and get better results.

Let’s learn which habits highly effective fleet managers should have:

1. They Embrace Technology

Embracing technology has become all the more important now.

The ELD mandate is just around the corner, and it is important for fleet managers to be fully prepared for it. However, if a fleet manager is not welcoming to new technology, he or she will have a harder time adjusting to this new evolving trucking industry.

Highly effective fleet managers not only accept change but they also embrace technologies and cherish whatever new challenges come with it.

Such fleet managers are the perfect people for their jobs — especially as fleet management solutions and electronic logging devices become the new norm.

2. They Focus on Safety

Safety is important for everyone: for commercial drivers, for carriers, for the general public.

Highly effective fleet managers understand the importance of safety for a fleet. Therefore, they make sure that the safety of their fleet is always the number one priority.

Commercial drivers suffer from countless distractions on the road. It then becomes the job of the fleet managers to make it as easy and simple as possible for the driver to do their jobs.

Investing in technologies, such as driver-behavior monitoring and e-logging solutions, might seem like unnecessary expenditures, but highly effective fleet managers have the ability to foresee the bigger picture and, therefore, their importance.

3. They Simplify Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is a necessary thing to do and that, too, on a regular basis.

Highly effective fleet managers simplify vehicle maintenance and make them as easy and manageable as possible.

There are many cloud-based fleet management software that can help simplify the entire vehicle maintenance process. Furthermore, electronic logging devices also have vehicle diagnostic features that can help automate inspections and fault-code detections.

4. They Communicate Effectively

A fleet manager can’t be regarded as a highly effective fleet manager unless he or she learns to communicate effectively.

Effective communication means multiple things:

  • Drivers fully understand what your expectations are.
  • Your customers and clients are always updated.
  • Ensuring a working environment where drivers and other staff members can openly communicate if something is bothering them.

5. They Never Coerce Drivers

This is perhaps the most important thing that makes a fleet manager truly effective.

If he is managing things perfectly, he doesn’t need to coerce his drivers into driving beyond their hours-of-service limits.

So many fleet managers force their drivers into HOS violations, which makes drivers unhappy, compromises the safety of the fleet, and damages the driver retention rate of the company.

According to a recent ATRI report, driver shortage has officially become trucking industry’s biggest concern.

Therefore, fleet managers who cannot retain their drivers, while keeping them happy and productive, can’t be termed as good or effective managers.

6. They Utilize ELD Data and Insights

ELDs are much more than just tools for compliance.

Electronic logging devices provide incredibly useful data and insights that smart fleet managers can utilize.

For instance, fleet managers can regularly monitor the performances of their drivers and identify drivers with bad driving habits, e.g., hard braking, hard cornering, and hard acceleration.

These dangerous driving behaviors are a safety risk and should be eliminated as soon as possible. By looking into ELD data, fleet managers can identify which drivers need to be coached.

Similarly, smart and effective fleet managers can save their companies thousands of dollars every month by identifying drivers who idle for too long or too frequently.

KeepTruckin ELDs have a built-in idle-time tracking feature that fleet managers can use to reduce fuel wastage.

You see, every fleet manager is pretty much performing the same tasks in different companies. However, by utilizing ELD data and saving your company thousands of dollars every month, you can stand out from the other.

6. They Work Smartly

Last, but not the least, highly effective fleet managers understand the true importance of working smartly.

They value their time and efforts and, therefore, do not always use traditional or outdated methods to finish a task. And in doing so, they save their own time as well as save valuable company resources.

For instance, IFTA calculation is a tedious and time-consuming task that takes dozens of hours at least four times a year. Moreover, since it’s manually done, it is also highly prone to errors. In other words, it is ineffective.

Smart and highly effective fleet managers do not manually go through each receipt to calculate IFTA reports.

Instead, they use automated software to calculate IFTA reports with just a few clicks. It hardly takes more than a minute, which allows them to save their time and focus on other important stuff.

The KeepTruckin ELD also has an IFTA fuel tax reporting feature that simplifies calculating IFTA fuel tax.


Nowadays, everything you need to be a highly effective fleet manager is available to you. The way you choose to use it makes the ultimate difference.

If you’re a fleet manager who wants to simplify the way he works and takes his company to the next level, try KeepTruckin — an FMCSA-registered electronic logging device that is packed with powerful fleet management features.



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