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Florida Requires Intrastate Truck Drivers to Use ELDs by December 2018

Florida Requires Intrastate Truck Drivers to Use ELDs by December 2018

First Texas, and now Florida.

As you must know that Texas has recently mandated the use of ELDs for intrastate truck drivers by December 19, 2019. When we shared the news on the KeepTruckin blog, we also mentioned that other states are likely to follow this trend.

Now Florida has decided to join that list.

According to this recent development, truck drivers who are exempt from the ELD mandate under FMCSA’s regulations will be required to use ELDs in Texas and Florida.

Here are all the details you might want to know about it.

A bill has been presented, making its way through the Florida Senate House and Senate chambers, which requires intrastate drivers to use ELDs. However, the timeline in the bill is more relaxed.

If the bill becomes law as currently drafted, it would require intrastate truck drivers to use electronic logging devices by December 31, 2018. The extended timeline will give intrastate truck drivers and carriers another year to switch to ELDs.

Major Derek Barrs of the Florida Highway Patrol’s commercial vehicle enforcement office said, “Hopefully the legislation would be passed this session. This gives the intrastate industry time to come into compliance after our legislation passes, similarly as it has been done for interstate carriers after the rule went into effect in early 2016.”

Are There Any Exemptions?

There is one exemption.

When Texas mandated ELDs for intrastate drivers, there was one exemption for truckers hauling agricultural products within a 150 air-mile radius.

Unlike Texas, however, Florida has decided to exempt truck drivers transporting placardable amounts of hazardous materials.

What Does It Mean for Intrastate Drivers?

It simply means that if you are an intrastate truck driver in Florida, you will need electronic logging devices (ELDs) before December 31, 2018. It also means that if you are not in Florida or Texas — and if you are exempt from the FMCSA’s ELD mandate regulations — you will need ELDs when you drive through Florida or Texas. Otherwise, without ELDs, you will not be in compliance when driving through either of these states.

What Does the Future Hold?

Electronic logging devices will continue becoming more and more prevalent. We believe that all the other states will follow this trend and make ELDs mandatory for intrastate drivers. Texas and Florida are just the first two states to announce this as of now.

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