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Fuel prices increase to three-year high

Fuel prices increase to three-year high

2018 will be a rough year for carriers looking to cut their fuel expenditures.

During the week ending April 16, diesel fuel prices saw a 6.1-cent increase across the country. The fuel price is now at its highest point of 2018 and the highest since the beginning of 2015. The average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel is now $3.104, which is the highest recorded price since the week ending Jan 5, 2015.

California continues to have the highest fuel prices at $3.787 per gallon. On the other hand, the Gulf Coast region is offering the least expensive fuel at $2.91 per gallon. According to the ProMiles’ Fuel Surcharge Index, it is the only major region below the $3 mark.

Fuel prices across the country are consistently increasing. The following data shows rates in different regions:

  • Midwest – $3.016
  • Rocky Mountain – $3.137
  • New England – $3.149
  • Central Atlantic – $3.275

How KeepTruckin helps

Fuel prices are increasing, which directly affects a carrier’s profitability and the company’s bottom line. Having the right tools with the right set of features can help you reduce fuel expenditures and improve the financial health of your business.

The KeepTruckin ELD Plus is packed with incredibly useful fleet management features, such as idle time tracking and driver scorecards that can help reduce fuel wastage.

With the help of idle time tracking, fleet managers can quickly identify drivers who idle too frequently or for too long. By viewing idle time and utilization rates for each vehicle and driver, fleets can successfully reduce fuel costs.

It is estimated that for a truck that consumes $70,000 worth of fuel, approximately $5,600 is wasted on idling. With the KeepTruckin ELD Plus, you can save all that money and more.

Idle-time tracking -- Utilization rates

Additionally, the KeepTruckin ELD Plus also enables you to identify drivers with poor driver practices, such as hard acceleration, hard cornering, and hard braking. Identifying those drivers not only helps you improve the safety of your fleet but it also enables you to manage fuel consumption more efficiently.

Try KeepTruckin — the highest-rated ELD solution

The KeepTruckin ELD Plus is FMCSA-compliant, has plenty of useful fleet management features, and starts at just $30 per month with no additional charges.

You can buy the KeepTruckin ELD online in just a few clicks.

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Hunbbel Meer

Hunbbel covers industry trends as a writer and researcher for KeepTruckin. His goal is to help fleets understand how to use KeepTruckin's products and features so they can improve safety, efficiency, and compliance.