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11 benefits of GPS tracking and geofencing for fleets

11 benefits of GPS tracking and geofencing for fleets

GPS tracking allows you to monitor the location of vehicles in real time. For companies with vehicles on the road, GPS tracking is essential in your day-to-day operations, as it helps streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

What is GPS tracking?

GPS or Global Positioning System is a worldwide radio navigation satellite system that helps you remotely track the location of your drivers and vehicles so you can run your business more productively, streamline your operation, and make life easier for yourself as well as for your drivers.

Top GPS and geofencing benefits for fleets

1.  Ensure your drivers and technicians are staying on task.

Ensuring drivers and technicians are staying on task

2.  Refer to automated reports when vehicles enter and leave a job site.

3.  Deliver accurate estimated times of arrival to your customers to provide better customer service and become more competitive in the industry.

4.  Know where your vehicles and assets are and how long they have been at a particular location. This is especially helpful for oil & gas companies, for example, as accurately calculating time on site is important for invoicing and getting paid.

Tracking assets

5.  Prevent vehicle and asset theft with accurate GPS tracking and virtual geofenced parameters.

6.  Manage billing, invoicing, and payroll with location-based data.

7.  Increase dispatcher efficiency by eliminating manual paperwork and reducing administrative burden.

Increasing efficiency by remotely tracking assets

8.  Become more competitive by tracking performance against delivery service level agreements.

9.  Identify unproductive shippers and receivers, which detain drivers for too long and too frequently.

10.  Optimize routes by identifying busy roads with location-based and historical data.

11.  Reduce fuel costs with smarter route planning and cut down operating expenses that directly affect your company’s bottom line.

The KeepTruckin’s fleet management solution comes with a built-in GPS which allows fleet managers to view each driver’s real-time location on an interactive map.

Additionally, fleet managers can also view the location history for any driver or vehicle to find out exactly where they were at any point in time.

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