Why you won’t dread IFTA reporting anymore

Why you won’t dread IFTA reporting anymore

Nobody likes paperwork. That’s why we improved our automatic IFTA reporting feature for fleet managers and drivers.

Our latest update makes it easy for drivers to upload fuel purchases at the point of purchase directly to the KeepTruckin dashboard. This allows you to make bulk imports from major fuel cards. In other words, you can import all of your receipts at once.

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Easily consolidate fuel purchases

Do you use Comdata or EFS as your fuel card providers? If so, you can gladly say goodbye to modifying those cumbersome, 100-column CSV files.

Download a CSV file of fuel purchase history directly from Comdata or EFS and upload that very same file to KeepTruckin via the bulk import option. Your fuel purchase data will automatically appear under IFTA in the dashboard.

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This benefits drivers, too

If you’re a driver and are tired of tracking paper receipts, the IFTA update will benefit you as well. After fueling up, all you need to do is take a photo of the receipt and fill out required information such as fuel type, cost, and location. This information is sent automatically to the KeepTruckin dashboard.

Being able to upload fuel purchases in real time eliminates having to hold on to and organize paper receipts. It may also help you get reimbursed accurately.

Streamline your quarterly IFTA filing

As drivers diligently upload their fuel purchases, all the information that you need for your quarterly filing will be right at your fingertips.

With this functionality, you can shave hours off of administrative work when it comes to filing IFTA reports.

Improved, flexible CSV template

If you have a variety of purchase sources and want to consolidate fuel purchases in one simple format, our new flexible template will save you time and headaches.

Here are some improvements we’ve made for the KeepTruckin CSV template:

  • It supports multiple date and time formats
  • Abbreviations for states
  • Clearly notes which fields are required

Customer Katie D. is already benefiting from this update

“KeepTruckin’s IFTA feature has simplified our reporting process and changed how our team works,” shared Katie Davis, Office Manager, Lanman Transportation Inc.

“This new feature is invaluable in helping us work more efficiently and it saves us almost three days a month that was previously spent manually hunting down records or dealing with complicated 100-column spreadsheets.”

Are you ready to make IFTA filings easier? Close those confusing spreadsheets and go visit KeepTruckin IFTA.



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