Your Trusted Partner in Accident Prevention and Exoneration: Introducing KeepTruckin’s Safety Hub

Your Trusted Partner in Accident Prevention and Exoneration: Introducing KeepTruckin’s Safety Hub

To date, exoneration has been the focus for most fleet safety solutions. And while dashcams can help protect fleets from wrongful blame, they don’t prevent accidents from happening. We’ve set out to change that. 

One of our core values at KeepTruckin is to advocate for the user. That’s why we’ve spent the last 18 months listening to what our customers want from safety programs: a way to proactively identify high-risk drivers before an accident happens. In our line of work, this type of foresight can save lives. 

Today, we’re excited to unveil the KeepTruckin Safety Hub—a completely new safety experience designed to help fleets manage their entire safety program in one place and prevent accidents. 

What is the Safety Hub?

Think of the Safety Hub as the safety command center for your business. Driving data, video from the AI-powered Smart Dashcam, and risk profiling from our new risk score, DRIVE, are surfaced here to create a 360° view into driver behavior. DRIVE is a first-of-its-kind model that measures driver risk using driving data and AI-insights from the Smart Dashcam. The Safety Hub centralizes this safety data all in one place and automatically surfaces your high-risk drivers so you don’t have to play detective.

With a holistic view into driver safety, customers can automate coaching directly from this hub to the KeepTruckin Driver App, and can also track progress over time by benchmarking performance against the largest network of drivers in the nation. Businesses can acknowledge and reward top drivers for retention, or remove repeat offenders before it’s too late.

Tell me more about DRIVE

Current safety solutions produce a simple risk score, solely based on the count of telematic events like hard cornering, acceleration, and braking. But road safety is far more complex than that. DRIVE goes deeper into the context of an event, and analyzes additional variables—like location, weather, vehicle make and model, and more—that can affect driver performance. The resulting score is a far more accurate measure of a driver’s risk in comparison to their peers. DRIVE stands for everything the algorithm is taking into account: the Driver, Road, Imaging, Vehicle, and Environment. 

DRIVE aggregates the tens of millions of data points every day from our network of over 350k vehicles to give us insights into driving behavior for every road segment across different vehicle types. When the Smart Dashcam detects unsafe behavior like hard braking, DRIVE analyzes the incident to understand the context behind it. For example, was your driver cut off? Were they following too close? Or were they on a steep road? DRIVE scores each scenario based on the potential risk. By taking these other factors into account, DRIVE produces unique insights into driver safety at an unprecedented level of accuracy. Based on internal modeling, DRIVE has found that the lowest-scoring 20% of drivers are nearly 2.5x as likely to get into an accident. 

With DRIVE automatically measuring your fleet’s most critical driver safety events, you can take steps to proactively improve behavior before a costly accident or nuclear verdict. And get to focus your time on what matters: preventing accidents and growing your business.

What else can I do in the Safety Hub?

In addition to the Safety Hub and DRIVE risk score, we have a comprehensive portfolio of new safety features to help fleets identify risk, prevent accidents, and run more efficient operations:

  • AI-event detection: identify unsafe driving behavior—like close following, cell phone usage, driver distraction, and smoking—with the Smart Dashcam
  • Speeding: to monitor vehicle speed against posted speed limits in real time, directly in KeepTruckin’s Safety Hub
  • Live visibility: to capture real-time snapshots and periodic trip images to ensure unobstructed camera view, connectivity, and trip progress
  • Automated collision reporting: automatic alerting and reporting when a collision occurs to speed up the insurance process
  • In-app driver coaching: drivers can proactively self-coach by viewing their own videos in the KeepTruckin Driver App

Want to see how it all works together?

Check it out below.

What do our customers think?

We’re in the business of building products our users love—which is why KeepTruckin’s new safety solution was developed in partnership with our customers. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

  • “The Safety Hub shows you all the actionable information you need, and diving in to understand more about risky behavior is literally a click away.” – Tyler Coatney, ACME Truck Line, Inc.
  • “Our drivers love to compete with each other. If they see that this guy is at the top of the list, they all want to be at the top of the list with him. That’s been a great asset for us—I had one guy come in, who has literally changed his driving habits because he knew he was mid-level with everyone else, and he wanted to be at the top. It’s infectious from one driver to the next.” – John Haverstick, Miller Expedited
  • “The navigation is intuitive and easy—I can get what information I need, when I need it. The purpose of a technology is to be able to quickly be able to go from one pain to another, right?” – Reed Erskine, Acme Logistics
  • “The camera feature has drastically improved the use of seatbelts. We’ve also been able to know more about drivers who are using their cell phone—and it opened our eyes to the fact that we should get phone holders as a solution to avoid this risky behavior.” – Richard Barman, Premium Distributors
  • “For one, instead of having to go and view every single event to determine if I need to coach it, it puts my focus on the drivers who need it most. I can coach them to move their scores up, so that frees up time and it shows me where to start.” – Heather Hobbs-Thompson, JMS Transportation
  • “Our goal is to have employees go home in exactly the same condition that they came to work in, just with a little more money in their pockets—and do that daily, so that they can go home to their families.” – Dan Mawson, Komatsu


KeepTruckin is your trusted partner in accident prevention and exoneration. Our new safety experience is designed to help prevent accidents and protect your business with a proactive approach to driver safety—and bring ROI to your fleet in the form of significantly improved efficiency and safety outcomes.

To see our Safety Hub in action, request a demo here.


Kelly Hanson

Kelly is a Director of Product Marketing at KeepTruckin. She is responsible for launching new products and demonstrating the value KeepTruckin provides to all fleets that power our physical economy.

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