Stay on the Road with KeepTruckin Maintenance Reminders

Stay on the Road with KeepTruckin Maintenance Reminders

This is a challenging time for fleets. Some are struggling to keep up with the demand for emergency supplies and others need to reduce operational costs and do more with less. Either way, avoiding unscheduled vehicle downtime is critical to succeeding in this uncertain environment.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that KeepTruckin Maintenance Reminders are now available to customers with Pro and Enterprise plans. KeepTruckin Maintenance Reminders automatically track upcoming vehicle service needs, helping ensure vehicles stay healthy, and generating revenue. Here’s how they work:

Set a schedule

For many fleets, managing a maintenance schedule is a time-intensive process that involves tracking dates, mileage, and maintenance history in Excel spreadsheets. With KeepTruckin Maintenance Reminders, you can automate much of this process and spend more time focusing on profitability. Vehicle maintenance schedules can be easily created based on time, odometer readings, or usage hours that are triggered directly from the vehicle’s engine. Schedules can be assigned to individual vehicles, vehicle types, or groups of vehicles (e.g. by terminal).

Add a maintenance schedule

Receive alerts

Rather than constantly trying to figure out when a vehicle needs to get an oil change or new filter, KeepTruckin can now email you when a service needs to happen.

Maintenance reminder alert email

KeepTruckin also makes it easy to view which reminders are upcoming, overdue, or have been completed.

Upcoming maintenance reminder dashboard

A complete list of upcoming and past reminders can be viewed with the Maintenance Detail Reminders Report, allowing for improved maintenance planning.

Maintenance Reminders Detail Report

Manage workflows

Once you complete a service for a vehicle, you can add a service note to resolve that reminder. By adding details like date, odometer readings, and engine hours, the next service date reminder will be accurate and automatically scheduled. You can even add details about the maintenance event such as cost and additional notes.

Add a maintenance service note

With the Maintenance History Detail Report, you can track cost per vehicle or maintenance type.

Maintenance service history report

This allows you to see which vehicles have been serviced the most and how much money you’ve spent over time. With KeepTruckin, you can now track and manage all of your maintenance activities in a single place.

A complete maintenance solution

KeepTruckin Vehicle Inspections allow drivers to easily track defects and can be customized for each type of vehicle. KeepTruckin Vehicle Diagnostics allow managers to identify and resolve issues before they compromise other parts or result in a breakdown. And now, KeepTruckin Maintenance Reminders track and automate your maintenance service schedule. With this release, your investment in KeepTruckin is now a complete maintenance management solution.


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