Introducing Prophesy Dispatch – Fully Integrated with KeepTruckin’s Driver Workflow Feature

Introducing Prophesy Dispatch – Fully Integrated with KeepTruckin’s Driver Workflow Feature

It’s clear from our customers that communication is the foundation of any successful fleet. Without a reliable communications strategy between your back office and drivers:

  • Dispatch has a tough time identifying where drivers are— and knowing which ones to give new dispatches to.
  • Disparate data sources between TMS vendors and drivers results in a lack of context around loads and updates.
  • Communicating updated load or route information to drivers can be time-consuming and difficult.
  • Drivers run the risk of churning due to frustration with cumbersome processes.

Smart fleet communication is crucial to avoiding these pain points listed above. Streamlining how you work across internal teams is key to maintaining customer satisfaction, reducing operating costs, and scaling your business. 

Today, we’re excited to announce an enhanced integration with industry-leading TMS provider Prophesy Dispatch. Using KeepTruckin’s driver workflow feature, our updated integration empowers drivers and dispatchers to communicate directly through KeepTruckin’s mobile app about Prophesy Dispatch loads—which can help increase speed and reduce costs across all areas of the supply chain. 

How does the integration work? 

Our integration keeps the right teams in the right places. Load data is sent directly from Prophesy Dispatch to the driver’s KeepTruckin mobile app. Any changes made in KeepTruckin’s mobile app by the driver will automatically update in the Prophesy Dispatch system for a single source of truth across your dispatch data.

What can dispatchers do?

  • HOS information from KeepTruckin is automatically sent to Prophesy Dispatch and can be used to ensure a driver has enough available hours to complete a load. 
  • Better allocate and assign loads based on HOS information and using vehicle location information, eliminating the need for time-consuming check calls.
  • Receive warnings when assigning drivers to loads if they do not have enough available hours.
  • Expedite delivery for customers with accurate load location data.

What can drivers do?

  • Receive pre-populated dispatch information about their loads directly in the KeepTruckin App to eliminate errors. 
  • Accept, update, and complete their dispatch in the same system used for compliance.
  • Check-in to provide dispatchers with real-time updates at each stop.
  • Eliminate the need to bounce around between multiple mobile applications.

What does Prophesy Dispatch’s integration with KeepTruckin empower your business to do?

Prophesy Dispatch is fully integrated with KeepTruckin’s powerful platform. As a business, you can streamline communication between dispatch and drivers by leveraging Prophesy Dispatch and KeepTruckin to:

  • Establish seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers 
  • Deliver accurate ETAs to end-customers with accurate vehicle location data 
  • Receive, accept, and complete dispatches in the KeepTruckin app—an interface drivers already know and love
  • Use standardized forms and geofencing for faster delivery and billing
  • Better allocate and assign loads to drivers based on location & remaining HOS information

The KeepTruckin dispatch difference

This fully integrated, intuitive dispatch experience with Prophesy Dispatch is powered by KeepTruckin’s Driver Workflow feature. To help simplify day-to-day processes even further, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into additional enhancements unique to KeepTruckin’s Driver Workflow, available with Prophesy Dispatch and other workflow partners:

  • Offline capabilities: we know from our customers how crucial offline support capability is, especially when you’re moving freight in dead zones. This enhancement ensures that drivers can complete and activate dispatches even when out of cell service.
  • Active Dispatch Report: when we say that KeepTruckin offers a single source of dispatch data, we mean it. Our Active Dispatch Report pulls all dispatches from your TMS platform and makes them readily available in KeepTruckin’s dashboard. For fleet managers and executives who don’t live in a TMS, this is key to offering a comprehensive view into your company’s operations. Within the report and depending on your TMS partner, KeepTruckin admins have the ability to:
    • Filter by active / non-active dispatches
    • Export reports
    • Share details of the dispatch
    • Cancel dispatches

  • Public sharing URL: in a supply chain where customer satisfaction and speed mean everything, it’s never been more important to provide visibility and status updates to your end-users. With KeepTruckin’s url sharing abilities, you can share a map and progress of where your dispatch load is, in real-time.


At its core, the logistics industry focuses on increasing speed and reducing costs, and that can only occur through reliable and constant communication. If you’re ready to optimize your communication workflows to help you cut costs and reduce manual data entry, visit the KeepTruckin App Marketplace to turn on your Prophesy Dispatch integration today. 


Kelly Hanson

Kelly is a Director of Product Marketing at KeepTruckin. She is responsible for launching new products and demonstrating the value KeepTruckin provides to all fleets that power our physical economy.

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