J.J. Keller ELDs technical issues: The FMCSA offers a short-term extension

J.J. Keller ELDs technical issues: The FMCSA offers a short-term extension

The ELD mandate is in full effect, and non-exempt commercial drivers are required to have compliant electronic logging devices.

However, some ELD manufacturers (like J.J. Keller) are facing technical issues which may render their users unable to fulfill their obligations. These data transferability issues can be a hassle, which cost you time and money.

The FMCSA has acknowledged the problem with J.J. Keller ELDs and allowed a short-term extension to their users. According to the short-term extension, J.J. Keller ELD users will be allowed to temporarily revert to paper logs. The FMCSA’s extension is valid until February 28, 2018.

Through this blog post, we want to inform our readers that J.J. Keller ELD users are recommended to print a copy of the FMCSA’s notice and keep it in their cabs.

You can find the FMCSA’s notice here.

The problem with J.J. Keller ELDs

Earlier, J.J. Keller notified the FMCSA that its electronic logging devices are facing issues with wireless data transfer — which is an ELD requirement.

According to the final ELD rule, compliant electronic logging devices that support telematics transfer methods must be able to use both wireless email and web services.

The KeepTruckin ELD — Ensuring compliance

As mentioned earlier, compliance issues cost you time and money. That’s a problem you don’t want to face. The KeepTruckin ELD solution has no such technical issues.

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