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ELD or AOBRD – KeepTruckin Lets You Choose

ELD or AOBRD – KeepTruckin Lets You Choose

KeepTruckin is universally recognized as the leading smartphone based electronic logs and fleet management system in the world. That is a result of an unwavering focus on the driver experience and a product that is fundamentally modular and highly customizable.

The best example of that flexibility is in our core electronic logging feature. While many refer to the upcoming FMCSA electronic logs regulation as an ‘ELD mandate’, the reality is it’s an ‘AOBRD mandate’. Any engine-connected electronic log system purchased before December 18, 2017, can operate as an AOBRD until December 16, 2019.

That is why KeepTruckin gives fleets the option to choose what mode they want to operate in — AOBRD or ELD. KeepTruckin provides four settings that fleet managers can configure to comply with every letter of the ELD mandate or operate as an AOBRD.

ELDs or AOBRDs - KeepTruckin AOBRD settings

1. Reclassification of Driving Time

The ELD regulation does not allow for reclassification of driving time. However, if you choose to operate in AOBRD mode, KeepTruckin lets you reclassify driving as Yard Move or Personal Conveyance at any time.

2. Reassignment of Driving Time

The ELD regulation only allows for reassignment of driving time to a co-driver. In AOBRD mode, KeepTruckin lets fleet managers reassign driving time to any driver at any time.

3. Unidentified Driving Time

The ELD regulation requires drivers to transmit an ‘output file’ during a roadside inspection. The output file contains all of the data from the vehicle, including all ‘unidentified driving events’. AOBRDs are not subject to the output file requirement. In AOBRD mode, KeepTruckin does not produce an output file and hides all unidentified driving events from an officer during a roadside inspection.

4. 5 MPH Threshold for Driving Events

The ELD regulation requires a driving event to be created once the vehicle speed reaches 5 MPH. AOBRDs do not have this speed threshold. In AOBRD mode, KeepTruckin lets fleet managers choose what speed should trigger a driving event, anywhere between 5 MPH and 15 MPH. This option is coming soon.

No matter how you want to operate, KeepTruckin has you covered. And the best part is you can switch from AOBRD mode to 100% ELD compliance anytime.

Request a free demo and learn how KeepTruckin’s flexible electronic logs and fleet management platform can help your company.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 855-434-ELOG or send us an email at

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