Better Control of Your Data: Announcing KeepTruckin’s App Marketplace 2.0

Better Control of Your Data: Announcing KeepTruckin’s App Marketplace 2.0

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more critical to help users connect their operations and scale their businesses. At KeepTruckin, we regularly speak to our customers to better understand how we can help, and what products or services we can offer to make everyone’s lives easier. 

Some of the feedback we’ve heard time and time again from our carrier network includes:

  • How can I get more from my ELD, especially in our current landscape? 
  • Working with third-parties can be such a hassle — I don’t have time to waste with back and forth calls or emails. I need an easier way to go about my day-to-day to grow my business and save money.
  • I want to share my data with third-parties to make my life easier — but I need to be in control of exactly what I’m sharing, and who it’s with. It’s my data, after all. 

Today, KeepTruckin is excited to launch the App Marketplace 2.0, a new web experience that gives carriers better control over and greater insight into the data they choose to share with third-parties — to help simplify daily tasks and grow their businesses. 

So, what’s new?

With the App Marketplace 2.0, carriers can not only more easily control which third-parties have access to their data, but can also see when and how often third-parties are retrieving their data—with utilization insights like timestamps and location available directly in their KeepTruckin Dashboard.  

Carriers can also turn integrations on or off at any time from their dashboard to take the hassle out of the consent process, and remove time-consuming communication. Our new infrastructure also supports data sharing from KeepTruckin automatically ending at the conclusion of a carrier’s engagement with a third-party.

With this control of their data and visibility into how it’s used, carriers can share data with confidence to help make their day to day lives easier.  

How does it work?

For example, carriers can now share location data for en-route shipments with third-party brokerages. Consenting carriers who move loads for specific brokerages can proactively choose to share their KeepTruckin location data, which will allow the brokerage to access it specifically for the duration of the load being moved. Carriers can see exactly what data of theirs the brokerage is using and see the duration of time that data is transmitted from KeepTruckin to the brokerage directly in their KeepTruckin web dashboard. This infrastructure also supports data sharing from KeepTruckin to automatically end at the conclusion of engagements with brokerages. 

Making your ELD work harder for you

Outside of having better control and greater insight into data being shared from their KeepTruckin accounts and knowing who is tracking them, carriers can also use the data already generated from their KeepTruckin ELD for a competitive advantage. Through a tool they’re already using to be compliant, carriers now have the power to do more—without any additional work besides opting in—to help simplify daily tasks, save money, and grow their businesses.

In our recent example, a carrier may be able to use their KeepTruckin ELD data shared with a brokerage to gain access to additional perks—like better lane rates or premium freight. 

New Partnerships

Aside from our new experience designed for ease of use and better control of carrier data, we are also excited to launch new partnerships now available on the App Marketplace 2.0, including Convoy, Uber Freight, and Edge Logistics

KeepTruckin’s technology infrastructure allows participating partners to get the data they need from consenting carriers when they need it—whether it’s associating a load to a certain truck, gaining better load visibility through webhooks, or enabling freight tracking at scale with specialized APIs.


We are excited to offer this best-in-class technology advantage through the App Marketplace 2.0 that creates a significantly improved user experience across the entire supply chain. Carriers can now better control their data and use it to their advantage, while partners can get shipments where they need to be faster, with better visibility through KeepTruckin’s infrastructure and network capacity. 

For carriers who want to turn on integrations that will help increase their efficiency, log in to your KeepTruckin Dashboard.

For partners who would like to build an integration on KeepTruckin’s API, visit the KeepTruckin Developer Portal


Kelly Hanson

Kelly is a Director of Product Marketing at KeepTruckin. She is responsible for launching new products and demonstrating the value KeepTruckin provides to all fleets that power our physical economy.

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