KT Revs Up for Driver Appreciation Week

KT Revs Up for Driver Appreciation Week

KeepTruckin recognizes Driver Appreciation Week—a whole week dedicated to drivers! Although we’re appreciative every day, we’re showing extra appreciation on Sept. 9-15 and giving away some free KeepTruckin shirts and hats, as well as feature real driver stories on the blog.

From 20-year trucking veteran Clifford Petersen who is an owner-operator and drives full-time while pursuing his Ph.D. (amazing!) to Desiree Wood, CEO of Real Women in Trucking, drivers open up to KeepTruckin about their experience and share their stories with us.

Win a free shirt and hat

We are also giving away free shirts and hats to our Instagram followers.

Follow us on Instagram (@KeepTruckinInc). We will give away free KeepTruckin shirts and hats to the first five people who follow us for the week on Instagram and tag us with the hashtag #KTAppreciatesDrivers.

We will reach out to winners via Instagram DM.

Thank you!

We thank drivers who are committed to working tirelessly in a very demanding and oftentimes challenging industry. Our economy thrives thanks to the hard work of more than 3.5 million men and women behind the wheel.

The next time you see a driver on the road, honk and give them a thumbs up!


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