Two KeepTruckin employees named ‘Top Women to Watch in Transportation’

Two KeepTruckin employees named ‘Top Women to Watch in Transportation’

KeepTruckin is proud to share that two employees, Chelsea Kendrick and Krissy Manzano, were recognized as “Top Women to Watch in Transportation” by Women in Trucking. The award recognizes women for outstanding career accomplishments in the trucking industry.

A leading non-profit organization, Women in Trucking, is focused on the transportation and logistics industry. Their mission? To encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry.

Chelsea Kendrick, Customer Education Manager

chelsea kendrick - women in trucking

Chelsea Kendrick has been instrumental in the evolution of KeepTruckin’s customer success and customer education teams. Recognized for her impressive work ethic and creative initiatives to serve customers, Chelsea has single-handedly led to the creation of a new department—Customer Education.

To best serve the trucking community, Chelsea coordinates webinars and builds content to educate customers. Chelsea’s webinars have been hugely popular and keep our customers on the pulse of the industry.

When asked about her experience in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Chelsea explained:

“Working for KeepTruckin has been amazing. There’s ample opportunity to take the initiative—whether you’re male or female. KeepTruckin is a company that recognizes and rewards employees that have confidence in themselves.”

KeepTruckin celebrates Women’s Day, 2019.

“In my time with KeepTruckin I’ve seen our users grow from 50,000 to over 1 million. Having a diverse workforce allows us to effectively communicate and connect with our customers. On my customer education calls, I’m often talking to women in leadership positions.”

She also recalls her most memorable moment at KeepTruckin, saying, “During a chaotic time in our industry [ELD mandate], I was asked to host an educational webinar and answer questions. A one-time request turned into an ongoing initiative, and now, they are a staple of our business and have garnered tens of thousands of views. I’m very proud I have a rewarding career where I help thousands of people.”

Krissy Manzano, Senior Director of Sales

Krissy Manzano - Women in Trucking

Krissy Manzano has contributed to KeepTruckin’s growth in multiple ways. Based in Nashville, Krissy was the first employee and helped grow the team to over 100 full-time employees in less than a year. In her role as Senior Director of Sales, Krissy has been pivotal in increasing KeepTruckin’s annual recurring revenue from less than $1 million in 2017 to over $50 million by 2018.

Krissy is a strong advocate for her team and the company as a whole. As a passionate leader who is committed to diversity and inclusion, Krissy led the charge on initiatives like the creation of KeepTruckin’s Women’s Group and championed the creation of a competitive maternity and paternity leave policy for all employees.

She believes in showing what women have already been doing, saying:

“I think there is a common misconception that women just started getting into the workforce—we’ve been here for a while. We need to continue creating platforms, like Women in Trucking, to empower women to be more vocal about their successes and that they aren’t alone in their endeavors.”

“When we do things like this, it makes fear turn into empowerment knowing there’s support. A lot of people want to help women rise in leadership but aren’t always sure how to do it.”

How has KeepTruckin played a role in supporting women?

When Chelsea first joined KeepTruckin, she was one of the only female employees. Now, she’s a part of 200 amazing women with diverse backgrounds.

We’re always on the hunt for new, remarkable talent like Chelsea and Krissy to join our team. To learn more about how you can join our team, visit


Michael Bright

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