MATS recap 2019

MATS recap 2019

Another year in Louisville in the books! The team was involved in a number of activities, including speaking engagements, talking to customers and MATS attendees at our booth, and meeting with our partners. Events like MATS help shape our product and company as we continue to grow and create tools for your modern fleet.

Here’s a quick recap of our experience at MATS 2019.

Successful sessions

KeepTruckin hosted two sessions that focused on improving your fleet’s safety, efficiency, and bottom line through modern technology and data.

Turning data into insights: Using ELDs and video to increase efficiency and safety

KeepTruckin’s product rockstars Rahul Chhabria and Will Van Eaton spoke about how to use data and technology to improve your business. Specifically, our Smart Dashcam and telematics data that can be utilized to support a successful safety program through effective driver coaching. They shared how video and telematics data can help fleets make accurate, data-driven decisions, along with providing cost-saving insights and increased productivity.

When these telematics insights are used correctly, a fleet’s safety may improve drastically. One example from a real customer showed that in the first four months of use, hard braking declined by 50 percent.

Benefits of ELD and factoring services for your trucking company

Grace Woody from OTR Capital and Josh Tobin, KeepTruckin’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships, dug into how data from ELDs can be leveraged by third-party factoring companies to provide working capital solutions so fleets can maintain positive cash flow while growing their business. Woody explained how location data from an ELD is used by OTR to verify a successful delivery quickly. This can help put money into the carrier’s hands faster.

Tobin emphasized the importance of using an ELD that goes beyond compliance and GPS features. Integrations with video devices like the KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam can provide valuable context into the data that an ELD surfaces. Here is real footage that was used in the presentation:

A typical ELD would record only a hard corner. KeepTruckin’s Smart Dashcam bundles all data points that can be used to prevent future incidents through proper coaching. Tobin explains that without video, the admin would only see a hard corner in the dashboard instead of understanding their driver just safely avoided a major collision.

MATS makeover

This year we unveiled our new booth design equipped with touchscreen experiences tailored to drivers, fleet managers, and company decision makers. The booth also had a private meeting room.

We used the booth to tell our story. “Choose your own adventure” touchscreens led users through a unique journey—all dependent on their specific needs and concerns. No matter their path, they found that KeepTruckin is here to help streamline fleet management, cut costs, increase driver safety, and grow their business.


Customer connection

We had thousands of visitors at our booth, hundreds of captivated guests at our presentations, and held plenty of conversations. Whichever way we connected, we thoroughly enjoyed our time.

Until next time

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Michael Bright

Michael Bright is a copywriter for KeepTruckin. He enjoys listening to podcasts, watching stand-up comedy, and road trips.

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