KeepTruckin’s Improved Reporting Experience

KeepTruckin’s Improved Reporting Experience

Reporting in KeepTruckin is a great way to access, aggregate, and export the data being collected through drivers, fleet managers, and electronic logging devices. Our reports have helped thousands of fleets to develop a comprehensive understanding of their operations by providing actionable insights and answering many outstanding questions.

After taking lots of customer feedback, we have decided to make our reporting feature even better. We have added more data points to current reports, as well as added new reports so that you can get more information on your fleet. This will greatly help you manage your fleet and keep track of what’s going on.


Driver Workload

Driver Workload

Helps fleets to keep track of hours worked and distance traveled in a given duration to prepare time cards and pay drivers. No more worrying about drivers writing down their hours worked for the week!

Driver Details

Driver Details

Provides insights on drivers, their usage of mobile app and ELDs, cycle rules, and recent activity. The report also lists driver’s contact details, license information, time zone and cycle rule. Now you can always keep track of the drivers that are working for you.

Vehicle Details

Vehicle _ ELD Details

Helps fleets keep track of their vehicles by showing when were they last driven, by whom, and to what location. It also serves as a checklist to see which vehicles have ELDs installed. Know which vehicles your fleet is using and which ones are free to be dispatched.

ELD Details

Enables fleets to track the ELDs by knowing how long have they been deployed, where were they were last used, and by which driver. It also indicates if some ELDs have outdated software and require an update. See which ELDs are being used and which ones still need to get activated.

Vehicle Utilization Summary

Vehicle Utilization

We know that fleets have asked for MPG in the KeepTruckin Dashboard. We listened and decided to bring it to you through this report. Make adjustments to your route, calculate the cost per mile, make purchasing decisions, and find maintenance issues, all through looking at MPG. See how tracking MPG can help your fleet.

Finding the Right Report

Along with providing new reports, we wanted to help you find exactly what you are looking for, so we have included a search bar at the top. You can search by report title or description to quickly get to the report you want.

Finding the right report with the new search bar in KeepTruckin Reports

Do you have any questions regarding our Reports feature? Call us now at 855-434-ELOG, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your questions.


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