KeepTruckin and Shipwell partner to create cutting-edge supply chain visibility

KeepTruckin and Shipwell partner to create cutting-edge supply chain visibility

We are excited to announce that KeepTruckin has partnered with Shipwell, a leader in freight automation technology and business intelligence, to create cutting-edge supply chain visibility.

Shipwell recognized the critical role hours-of-service and location tracking play in freight automation. With carrier compliance as one of its major focuses, Shipwell set out to look for a premier ELD provider that can deliver significant value to shared carriers.

After thoroughly researching and evaluating the ELD marketplace, they chose KeepTruckin because of its affordability, excellent customer service, and ease of use.

KeepTruckin and Shipwell share a lot of common values and have a similar vision of promoting automation, technology, and simplicity to empower the trucking industry.

Greg Price, the CEO of Shipwell, says, “KeepTruckin’s ELD and Fleet Management Software complements Shipwell’s connected freight platform and automates many of the manual steps typically associated with freight shipping.”

Shipwell has over 500,000 carriers in its network, which will benefit from the partnership with KeepTruckin. The list includes small fleets, owner-operators, and well-recognized large fleets. Through this partnership, carriers will be able to:

  • Share their location and hours-of-service with their dispatcher.
  • Share HOS and location information with their shippers.
  • Carriers will also get notifications for nearby available loads that would be a good fit for them based on their equipment type and remaining hours-of-service.
  • Vetted carriers with a KeepTruckin ELD that connects to Shipwell will be eligible for net-3 ‘quick-pay’ payment terms with no fees on shipments run through the Shipwell platform. It will only apply to shipments where Shipwell is named on the bill of lading as the bill-to-party.

According to Jason Traff, the COO of Shipwell, “The combination of KeepTruckin and Shipwell represents the cutting edge of supply chain visibility, security, and automation, and best of all, it gives owner-operators and small fleets an easy-to-use and affordable way to efficiently manage their fleets and find more work.”

“We are entering a new era of trucking where technology provides carriers the foundation to maximize every mile driven. KeepTruckin is proud to partner with Shipwell to enable owner-operators and fleets to drive more efficiently and focus on what matters, driving,” said Greg Glenn, Strategic Partner Manager at KeepTruckin.

About Shipwell

Shipwell is on a mission to provide a delightful freight experience through freight automation technology and world-class business intelligence. The company is based in Austin, TX and provides a connected freight platform to help shippers, brokers, and carriers to seamlessly quote, book, track, and manage their freight shipments.



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