Late adopters may not get ELDs before full enforcement begins

Late adopters may not get ELDs before full enforcement begins

The April 1 ELD enforcement deadline is almost here.

Non-exempt truckers are rushing to buy ELDs before full enforcement begins, and they are expected to run into logistic challenges as demand for ELDs skyrocket once again.

A similar situation was experienced by carriers in December 2017.

ELD vendors received thousands of orders when the ELD mandate deadline grew closer. Many ELD companies couldn’t ship all ELDs in time. As a result, thousands of non-exempt truckers were found without electronic logging devices after December 18, 2017.

Fortunately for them, it was a “soft enforcement” period, and ELD violations didn’t lead to severe penalties.

Drivers weren’t placed out-of-service for not having an ELD, and ELD violations also didn’t affect CSA scores.

However, now the situation is very different because April 1 marks the beginning of full enforcement.

If a non-exempt trucker doesn’t have an ELD after April 1, he/she will be placed out of service. Moreover, ELD violations will also negatively affect CSA scores. Amid all these penalties, don’t forget the fines, towing costs, and loss of revenue that drivers without ELDs will have to face.

For a more thorough understanding of the consequences, read what happens if you don’t have an ELD after April 1, 2018?

Logistic problems

According to a recent estimate, nearly 28% or 868,000 truckers are without a compliant ELD solution. All those drivers are rushing to buy ELDs, which is expected to create logistic problems for ELD vendors.

As you can guess, not all of them will be able to get their ELDs before April 1.

It means that they will have to either temporarily stop their trucking operations until they receive their ELD or risk ELD violations with severe penalties.

Both scenarios are far from ideal.

What to do?

At this stage, if you are looking to buy an ELD before April 1, you have two options:

  • Get in touch with an ELD vendor and ask precisely when you will receive your ELD. It is no secret that ELDs can take some time to be shipped and received. Furthermore, you will also need some time to install and set up the electronic logging device, so plan accordingly.
  • Buy ELDs from a reliable ELD company, like KeepTruckin, which has the capacity and resources to fulfill all the orders in time.

Receive the KeepTruckin ELD in 3 days

You will receive your KeepTruckin ELD within three days, which means you will have plenty of time to install and set it up before full enforcement begins on April 1.

The KeepTruckin ELD has a two-minute “plug n play” installation process; it is effortless to set up and use.

Purchase the KeepTruckin ELD online now in just a few clicks and receive your ELD in the next 72 hours and become compliant.

Buy the KeepTruckin ELD at Pilot Flying J travel centers

If you don’t even want to wait for three days, there is another option. You can buy the KeepTruckin ELD from any Pilot Flying J travel center and get started the same day.

To find a travel center near you, visit the Pilot Flying J store locator.

Drivers who purchase the KeepTruckin ELD at Pilot Flying J locations will receive the ELD hardware device, a 9-pin and 6-pin cable, a DOT reference card, and instructional material.

It then takes only a few minutes to set up the KeepTruckin ELD.

  1. Just install the ELD by connecting the 6-pin or 9-pin cable to the vehicle’s diagnostic port.
  2. Activate the ELD.
  3. Connect to the ELD from the KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App via Bluetooth or USB.

If you need any assistance, you can always call us at 855-434-ELOG or send us an email at Our customer support department is always available to help you — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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