How motorcoach companies can improve safety with a fleet management solution

How motorcoach companies can improve safety with a fleet management solution

Fleet safety is of paramount importance for motorcoach companies. Factors such as driver fatigue, driver inattention, and poor vehicle conditions can lead to accidents. With modern technology and fleet management solutions, motorcoach companies can avoid these accidents.

Despite the rise of ride-sharing and platform-based transportation services, the motorcoach industry remains an integral part of our country.

According to statistics from the American Bus Association, the motorcoach industry averages 604 million passenger trips per year. This translates to roughly 61.8 billion passenger miles traveled.

By giving the public a convenient transport alternative, motorcoach companies reduce the number of private vehicles on the road. This helps decongest traffic and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fuel use.

The following infographic shows the state of the motorcoach industry.

Source: American Bus Association

For motorcoach companies, road safety is of crucial importance. Accidents result in heavy financial losses. Moreover, irresponsible companies may also become subject to lawsuits for threatening public safety.

The good news is that now we have the technology to improve road safety for motorcoach drivers.

Understanding the risk factors associated with bus accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board reveals the top causes of motorcoach crashes. A fleet management solution can tackle most of these issues.

According to the NTSB data, the top reasons are:

Road conditions

Poor road conditions cause 6 percent of all motorcoach accidents.

Fleet management software with real-time, accurate GPS tracking can be used to help motorcoach drivers avoid hazards.

By using GPS tracking and previous data, fleet managers can avoid high-risk roads and choose safer routes.

Vehicle condition

Vehicle maintenance issues and poor condition account for 13 percent of motorcoach crashes.

FMCSA-mandated checks include pre-trip brake adjustments and tire inspections. With customized DVIRs, you can specify the parts your drivers need to inspect.

The KeepTruckin ELD solution has a robust vehicle diagnostic feature which ensures that buses remain in good condition. It helps you catch issues early with fault-code detection and real-time alerts.

Fault Codes - KeepTruckin Dashboard

By being proactive, you can avoid many vehicle maintenance issues and improve safety.

Driver inattention

According to the NTSB data, driver inattention causes 13% of motorcoach accidents.

You can identify unsafe drivers with a capable fleet management software like KeepTruckin. The driver scorecards feature in the KeepTruckin ELD ranks drivers by safety scores. It helps you quickly spot drivers with the best and worst safety scores.

Driver scorecards - safety scores in the KeepTruckin ELD Dashboard

Once you identify at-risk drivers, you can start driver training programs. We recently announced the Driver Coaching feature. You can use this feature to easily manage each safety event and entire driver coaching programs.

Crashes caused by other vehicles is the second-biggest risk factor for motorcoach carriers. These events account for 19 percent of motorcoach crashes.

The KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam records HD videos whenever critical safety events happen. This can help exonerate drivers when they are not at fault and mitigate potential liabilities. Fleet managers can also use dash cam videos to improve driver coaching programs.

Source: FMCSA

Driver fatigue

The biggest reason for accidents in the industry is driver fatigue. It represents 37 percent of all motorcoach crashes.

When you’re drowsy or fatigued, it’s harder to spot road signs, corners, and obstructions on the road. There are also incidents in which drivers pass out while driving, increasing the chances of a road accident.

By far, the best solution is to comply with existing hours-of-service rules. HOS regulations ensure that drivers are well-rested and fit to perform their duties.

Tracking hours-of-service information for each driver is one of the main reasons behind the FMCSA’s ELD mandate.

Become a safer motorcoach company

The success of a motorcoach company depends on their commitment to safety. A robust fleet management solution that focuses on road safety can be a valuable tool for this.

Over 40,000 fleets trust KeepTruckin for their fleet management requirements—keeping drivers safe on the road. To learn more, click here.

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