You asked, we delivered! 3 new ELD features to help your fleet with compliance

You asked, we delivered! 3 new ELD features to help your fleet with compliance

Overseeing rules and regulations in the transportation industry can be daunting. KeepTruckin understands there are certain tasks that may be more challenging than others. Therefore, we’ve made improvements to help ensure your drivers sign their logs properly and manage unidentified trips. These are events logged by an ELD when a driver is not connected.

New feature #1: You can view ‘Trips’ and ‘Notes’ in one glance

Since the ELD mandate went into effect, fleet managers have had to take on the time-consuming task of maintaining unidentified trips by either assigning trips to the appropriate driver or adding notes of justification.

To streamline this review process, we updated the Trips Detail Report in the administrative portal.

The new ‘Trip’ filter and ‘Notes’ column allow you to quickly see what needs to be addressed so you don’t waste time combing through each event individually.

With the new ‘Notes’ column, you can easily see what types of notes are added to trips, rather than clicking on them individually. All of this makes it easier to focus on unresolved trips that can quickly be assigned or notated to help protect you in the event of an audit.

New feature #2: Drivers can claim or reject an unidentified trip

For the second change, drivers now have the ability to both claim and reject an unidentified trip. This makes it easier for them to decide what to do with an unidentified trip.

Additionally, fleet managers will be able to see which drivers previously rejected an unidentified trip so they don’t accidentally reassign it back to the same driver. This should help reduce the time to resolve unidentified trips. It also gives drivers peace of mind knowing their logs are up-to-date and accurate.


New feature #3: Drivers can be required to sign logs before they get on the road

Usually it’s the simplest things that are forgotten. Missing driver signatures represent 70 percent of the reasons why drivers drop out of compliance. Drivers are sometimes preoccupied with all the requirements of the job and may have trouble remembering to complete minor tasks, such as signing a log. This may be especially true for those who end a long day on the road.

With this new option, fleets can require drivers to sign logs before they get on the road again.

Simply contact KeepTruckin support to enable this company-wide feature for your fleet.

We are always looking for ways to improve your experience, so please reach out to us at to share your thoughts and ideas with us.



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