The New and Improved KeepTruckin Dashboard for Fleets

The New and Improved KeepTruckin Dashboard for Fleets

Over the past three years, we have maintained a razor sharp focus on building the best hardware and software for electronic logs. That effort has paid off — KeepTruckin is universally recognized as the best iPhone and Android based ELD system in the market.

But electronic logging is just one part of fleet management software and telematics solution. We are proud to announce the all-new KeepTruckin Dashboard for Fleets. We have completely overhauled the user interface and will be introducing a whole new suite of functionality in the coming weeks that will allow our customers to improve safety, reduce costs, and increase the overall efficiency of their operations.

The overview tab now provides a score and summary for every aspect of your fleet’s operation.

The new KeepTruckin Dashboard has a more sleeker design and is easy on the eyes

You can track idling time and power take-off use by driver or vehicle. Learn more about Idle Time Tracking.

You can get alerts anytime a fault code is detected in your engine. Learn more about Vehicle Diagnostics.

You will be able to monitor driver behavior for hard acceleration, hard braking, and hard cornering. Learn more about Driver Safety Scorecards .

Over the coming weeks, we will dive into each one of the new features in the new KeepTruckin Dashboard and how they help fleets like yours run safer and more efficiently.

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If you are looking for the best ELD system in the market, contact our sales team at or 855-434-ELOG. You can also request an ELD demo, and one of our product specialists will walk you though the complete system.



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