Search returns to certified medical examiners site

Search returns to certified medical examiners site

According to a recent update by the FMCSA, truckers can now search the DOT registry for certified examiners by zip code. However, the full registry still remains offline.

According to Sharon Worthy, a spokesperson, the full registry remains offline, but the DOT has set up a tool that allows drivers to search for certified examiners by zip code.

As you know, the FMCSA experienced a hacking attempt that prompted the outage of the DOT’s full registry.

The FMCSA made no comments on the timeline when the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners will come back online. Similarly, the FMCSA did not confirm either that the drivers’ and examiners’ information was not exposed.

However, on January 9, the FMCSA said that it did not appear that any information related to carriers, examiners, or drivers was stolen.

Although the hacking attempt did not cause any significant issues with roadside inspections, it did create problems for examiners. Examiners were forced to backlog exam results until the website becomes active and allows them to upload the results.

Furthermore, some examiners also expressed concerns regarding the creation of fraudulent certificates in case any information was stolen.

Collin Mooney, CVSA’s Executive Director, told last month that the outage caused by the hack should not create any issues during roadside inspections. He said, “The drivers are still required to take the medical [certificate] to the state and the state updates the CDL. Medicals are still able to be verified at roadside through CDLIS, not the national registry.”

To verify if a medical examiner is certified and listed on the National Registry, use this tool by the FMCSA.



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