Themes from the ATA’s Safety, Security and HR Exhibition

Themes from the ATA’s Safety, Security and HR Exhibition

This week KeepTruckin visited Little Rock, AK for the ATA’s Safety, Security and Human Resources Conference. For those who couldn’t attend, we wanted to share a few things we heard to keep you in the loop!

1. ATA is bullish on the ELD mandate hitting this year

The picture is a bit fuzzy, but we captured this shot from an ATA keynote. The slide’s first bullet — “Final rule appears on track for Oct/Nov 2015” — was also covered in an ELD rule piece by FleetOwner.


2. Fleets managers were frustrated with onboard recorder malfunctions

Many of the fleets we spoke with complained about onboard recorders not working properly. Issues with AOBRDs and EOBRs are all too common. Since AOBRDs and EOBRs won’t be compliant after 2019 with the anticipated ELD mandate, it’s all the more reason to consider ELDs.

3. New driver shortage solutions

One presentation on the driver shortage suggested programs to enhance driver fitness with healthy lifestyle coaching. If you’re looking for other ideas to help your fleet’s recruiting, check out our pieces on leveraging mobile tech or veteran drivers.

4. The future: Safety-related driving technology

A theme during the conference was preventative measures related to driver safety. Two interesting solutions to prevent distracted driving were Seeing Machines and Maven Machines. Both companies offer tools to sense and alert drivers when they’re fatigued.



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