Startups in the Connected Truck Market Represent $245 Billion Investment Opportunity

Startups in the Connected Truck Market Represent $245 Billion Investment Opportunity has recently published a study that explains how startups are affecting — and improving — the Global Connected Truck Market. Furthermore, the study also highlights a $245 billion opportunity for investors.

In this blog post, we discuss the study and comment on how the trucking industry is evolving, creating new investment opportunities, and making lives easier for truck drivers and fleet managers.

A Brief Summary of the Study

For this case study, the major markets that were considered include Fleet Management Solutions, Digital Freight Brokering, Video Safety, and Autonomous Trucks. The researchers then used a preliminary screening methodology to pick up the top 20 performing startups in these industries.

KeepTruckin is one of the selected startups that are shaping a better future for the trucking industry.

Connected Truck Market & Investment Opportunities

Connected Truck Market and Investment Opportunities

One of the main focuses of the research is the hidden investment opportunities in the Global Connected Truck Market.

As per the study, there is a $245 billion opportunity for investors. The research concludes that startups in the trucking niche are highly profitable from an investment point of view. Based on the numbers they crunched, they found out that:

  • Startups, like KeepTruckin, offer a return on investment (ROI) up to 260%. Moreover, the ROI is yielded in a relatively quicker timeframe.
  • A 20% to 30% reduction in R&D spending makes startups even more profitable for investors.

Additionally, the study also highlights multiple modes of funding and investment. Investors can invest, partner, or acquire trucking and fleet management companies. A couple of good examples would be Daimler’s partnership with TimoCom and Uber acquiring Otto to realize their dream of self-driving trucks.

Apart from that, the research also focuses on the bright future of connected trucks. Currently, 40% fleet managers strongly feel that connected trucks are mandatory. This number is only going to increase in the near future, because, by the end of 2020, more than 35 million trucks will be globally connected. Smart trucks will be a necessity and, therefore, an area of tremendous investment opportunities.

Investors now have the options of investing in different key markets. For instance, there is the autonomous technology industry (in which OTTO is leading the way). Similarly, there is also the fleet management niche, in which KeepTruckin and other similar businesses are working hard to make fleet management as easy as possible.

In short, there are tremendous and seemingly endless investment opportunities that are going to yield great rewards. And the detailed study done by Frost & Sullivan proves that.

If you want to read more about the research, here is a direct link to the study done by Frost & Sullivan.



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