How to use KeepTruckin to reduce operating expenses

How to use KeepTruckin to reduce operating expenses

It’s a challenging and uncertain time for many of America’s fleets. Many of our customers are looking for ways to reduce operating expenses. At KeepTruckin, we’re dedicated to getting you through this.

Here are some of the ways we’re working with our customers to reduce operating costs with KeepTruckin:

Note: If you need help using any of the features or reports covered in this article, call us at (855) 434-3564 or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Prevent detention time

Detention time costs fleets over $3 billion per year and can result in decreased revenue of over $1,400 per driver. Not to mention the significant impact on driver turnover.

KeepTruckin Facility Insights can show you the expected wait times before accepting a load.

Detention time reporting

With this information, you can immediately begin choosing loads that will likely result in short detention periods and increase the revenue-generating ability of each truck.

Additionally, when detention time does occur, KeepTruckin provides the proof needed to help collect full detention pay.

Prevent breakdowns with vehicle diagnostics

While taking vehicles into the shop for preventative maintenance checks is expensive, experiencing unexpected breakdowns is really expensive. Especially in an environment where many loads are so time-sensitive.

Let’s consider the costs:

  • A tow truck
  • External mechanic labor and parts
  • Lost on-time bonuses
  • Non-revenue generating downtime

By monitoring vehicle diagnostics in KeepTruckin, you can identify and receive real-time alerts for small vehicle issues immediately and resolve them before a costly breakdown occurs.

Prevent breakdowns with vehicle diagnostics

You can also set up automated maintenance reminders based upon mileage, usage, and time, depending on the type of vehicle or asset.

Prevent breakdowns with vehicle diagnostics 2

With this information, you can ensure vehicles are serviced on-time and avoid unnecessary breakdowns and part failures.

Being proactive with maintenance today can save thousands tomorrow.

Reduce your accident risk

The country is depending on drivers, and they are stepping up to the task heroically. The suspension of Hours of Service rules for certain cargo types provides them the flexibility to get the job done. But, it’s possible some will push themselves too far out of a sense of duty.

Studies show that when drivers get tired, critical events increase. This is primarily due to delayed reaction time. A high number of critical events is often associated with future accident risk.

While the driver’s safety is by far the top concern here, there’s a huge financial risk here as well, as the average accident costs $91,000, and that number rises to $200,000 if there’s an injury. Not to mention the likely future insurance premium increases.

By using KeepTruckin’s Driver Safety Scorecards, you can identify the drivers who have experienced a high number of recent critical events.

Reduce your accident risk

Monitoring this information can help you understand when to intervene and ensure your driver gets the rest they need.

Identify underutilized vehicles and assets

Some fleets have vehicles and assets that are underutilized. KeepTruckin utilization reports measure much any vehicle or asset (If you have the KeepTruckin Asset Gateway) as used within any time period.

Identify underutilized vehicles and assets

With this information, you can identify the vehicles and assets that can be sold without significantly impacting your business.

Simplify IFTA filing

IFTA reporting is a headache. Some fleets spend two days per month working on IFTA reports, and some pay others to prepare IFTA reports.

KeepTruckin automates much of the IFTA filing process and saves you time and money.

Simplify IFTA filing

The best part? KeepTruckin tracks miles per jurisdiction by default – even if you didn’t have KeepTruckin Pro for the entire period. This article walks through filing IFTA with KeepTruckin in detail.

Minimize fuel usage

Although diesel prices have fallen, fuel is still a significant operating expense. Did you know that trucks burn about one gallon of fuel for every hour of idle time? Or that idling for 1 hour per day for a year is the equivalent of 64,000 miles of engine wear?

You can use KeepTruckin utilization reports to identify and address excessive idling.

Minimize fuel usage

Our customers often address idling by offering a bonus for low idling rates, making it a financial win-win.

Additionally, aggressive driving behavior reduces fuel efficiency by 20-30%. By coaching drivers to reduce their number of critical events, you can save even more on fuel.

Start using KeepTruckin to lower your operating expenses today

The best way to prepare for an uncertain future is to optimize your operations today. The KeepTruckin team is here to help you increase the efficiency of your business. If you would like any assistance or advice on using any of the features or reports covered in this article, call us at (855) 434-3564 or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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