WiFi Hotspot lets you free yourself from restrictive cell phone data plans

WiFi Hotspot lets you free yourself from restrictive cell phone data plans

KeepTruckin is always looking for new ways to make life on the road easier. That’s why we’re excited to announce that WiFi Hotspot is now available, at no extra charge, for KeepTruckin Cell Plan customers. Customers on the Cell Plan will receive 500 megabytes of WiFi Hotspot data per month, per unit.

Instead of relying on the drivers’ personal cell phone data plans, the KeepTruckin WiFi Hotspot lets drivers connect their smartphones or tablets to a built-in WiFi network broadcasted by their ELD. This enables them to use their hotspot to create a mobile office and update their admin’s dashboard in real-time.

Get more flexibility when you hire new drivers

Telecom companies may lock you into contracts by the unit. When you want to increase those units by hiring more drivers, you typically have to renegotiate those contracts. These added steps could slow down the process to on-board new drivers especially if they don’t have their own mobile device.

With KeepTruckin’s WiFi Hotspot feature and cell ELD plan, you no longer have to worry about how to get another driver online. You can add more drivers and use any wifi capable device without the hassle of having to renegotiate contracts. That means you can hire new drivers and get them on the road faster.

Save money on data plans: cost savings breakdown

With WiFi Hotspot service, drivers have the freedom to get more cost-effective data plans. They don’t have to rely on their own personal data plan to make sure they’re sending log data back to the fleet manager’s dashboard.

If your drivers have been using on their own personal data plans to stay connected with their ELDs, this new WiFi Hotspot feature could help them save money. For example, cellular plans from big-name providers may range from $35 per month for 2 GB of data, up to $70 per month for 8 GB, on top of your ELD subscription plans.

Depending on how much of their monthly data plan your drivers currently use to upload log data, the KeepTruckin WiFi Hotspot could allow them to reduce their monthly data plan costs since they will no longer need to use a personal data plan to send in logs.

More convenience for fleet managers

When drivers no longer have to rely on personal cell phone plans it also makes life easier for fleet managers. WiFi Hotspot helps you save time and avoid the complexity of reimbursing drivers for work-related usage of their personal data plans.

Fleets can even avoid using drivers’ personal cell phones at all and use low-cost tablets instead. For example, your company could assign a dedicated company-owned mobile device or tablet to each truck (with the device set to WiFi only).

WiFi and other features worth upgrading for

KeepTruckin WiFi Hotspot is now available for customers on the KeepTruckin Cell Plan or Smart Dashcam package. Customers on these plans will have their WiFi Hotspots activated at no extra cost. Customers who are currently on the KeepTruckin Starter Plan can only access WiFi Hotspot by upgrading to Cellular Pro. If you aren’t sure which plan you’re on or want to find out about upgrading, call us at 844-325-9230.

If you are not yet a KeepTruckin customer, keep in mind that WiFi Hotspot is just one of several benefits in our cell plan that can help your business be more efficient and compliant.

The cell plan also includes everything offered in KeepTruckin Pro, which provides access to several value-added fleet management tools and safety features, such as automated IFTA fuel tax reporting, idle-time tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver scorecards, and more.

Learn more about the KeepTruckin WiFi Hotspot, how it works, and how it can help your company build a safer, better connected, more efficient fleet.

Or if you’re an existing customer and want to upgrade your plan so you can take advantage of WiFi Hotspot, email sales@keeptruckin.com or call 844-325-9230.


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