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ARL Transport is using KeepTruckin for compliance, actionable data on safety, improving driver behavior, and simplifying the onboarding process that supports the network’s drivers.

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KeepTruckin helps ARL grow, modernize, and improve operating efficiency

“My father started our company in 1978 right at the crux of deregulation in the transportation industry that gave every small guy the chance to be an entrepreneur,” says President of ARL Transport Ron Faherty.

ARL began in the midst of an exciting moment for transportation and logistics entrepreneurship. Government licensing restrictions, which previously restricted intrastate and interstate transportation, were removed. Individuals could now enter the industry as independent terminal agents within a free-market environment. Faherty’s father, RJ, found a vital niche in this newly expanded industry when he realized that many of these entrepreneurs needed back office and operations support.

“My dad started this flatbed steel hauling company with the premise that we would not go in direct competition with our own people, but that we would create back office of support for entrepreneurs. We collect their invoices, pay their owner-operators, and provide them with service tools and at the same time business opportunities.”

ARL’s support for terminal agents also includes access to a robust computer platform, transportation insurance coverage and safety and permitting assistance, according to Ron. “Now, in the world of Amazon, everyone wants to be in transportation and logistics,” Ron says, emphasizing the transformation of the industry into a more dynamic, competitive space. Growing opportunity often means more pressure and excitement. For Ron, it’s more important than ever before to follow your business principles. “You have to be true to your business model and do what you do best.”

Ron Faherty, President of ARL Transport

As the President of ARL Transport, LLC, Ron is always looking for practical ways to help the owner-operators that make up the heart of his network. For many of these business owners, it’s not easy to carry the full costs and responsibility of working in logistics. That’s the value of joining the ARL network. Members of ARL Transport get help with overhead that would otherwise be very difficult for an independent business to handle. That’s also where KeepTruckin comes in. Ron says KeepTruckin allows owner-operators to save money and improve safety.

Here’s how Ron keeps his promises to this network of independent business owners by supporting terminal agents’ business goals.

Bringing entrepreneurial vision to transportation and logistics

Ron started with the company after graduating from high school. An early interest in entrepreneurship encouraged him to want to learn more about logistics and transportation from his father’s work.

A family business

Initially, RJ founded a flatbed steel hauling business. He then began to expand ARL’s offerings and grow the organization into one of the biggest intermodal drayage companies in North America. Helping his father expand the company eventually led Ron to take a more significant role in the organization and assume leadership.

ARL’s vast network is no accident. RJ and his son worked together to build an expansive network of independent terminal agents capable of transporting freight East of the Mississippi in the United States and Canada.

Hard work and strategic vision allowed the organization to achieve a substantial footprint in the U.S. and Canada. With six different divisions based on geography, ARL services much of the Midwest and East Coast.

The growth they’ve experienced is the direct result of the Faherty family’s dedication. Ron did all of his work while also being involved in his community. A volunteer firefighter himself, Ron does what he can to support the local fire district. This is yet another example of how ARL supports individual workers — by supporting small businesses in serving independent terminal agents and strengthening their region with community support.


“I’m a volunteer firefighter in my township. My company is the largest employer of firefighters in my town. I let my guys go and respond to fire calls during the day while they’re at work.”

Supporting independent terminal agents

To Ron and his company, independent operators and carriers play an important role and deserve support and recognition for their hard work. Partnering with owner-operators enables ARL’s network to emphasize the pride of ownership.

Today, the organization has members throughout the U.S. and Canada, allowing for transport between the coasts and represents the dedication and commitment of more than 42 terminal teams. These ocean ports and domestic rail terminals allow for the safe and efficient transport of goods by more than 5,000 experienced, independent carriers.

How KeepTruckin helps ARL

Helping member companies and promoting their success requires careful attention to compliance, efficiency, and other owner-operator concerns. ARL trusts KeepTruckin to provide an onboarding and compliance solution that supports the network’s drivers.

KeepTruckin helps ARL Transport become more compliant and efficient

According to Ron, the partnership has already made significant differences for members:

Onboarding and training

Thanks to actionable data, drivers now know how they can improve their driving habits and behaviors. Actions such as hard braking, acceleration, and unnecessary lane changes are noted so drivers can make changes. Meanwhile, drivers get additional support during the onboarding process if they need it. This allows them to become safer and more confident drivers.

Driver training
Collision information

The KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam provides an eyewitness that can reduce owner-operators’ liability. Collisions happen, but good drivers shouldn’t be held responsible for mistakes they never made.

As an additional perk, for every ARL driver who installs and uses a Smart Dashcam, ARL pays the insurance deductible in the event of an accident, so drivers know they’re covered if the worst happens.

“We use owner-operators and independent contractors in our business. When they sign a lease with us, they have certain deductibles and amounts they’re responsible for paying. We created a program that said ‘if you are able to put this dashcam in your truck and are in a collision, if we are able to obtain video footage and your video was operating, you have a zero dollar deductible with us. Whether the accident was your fault or not. We made it financially worth their while to put it in their trucks.”

Back office support

Terminal agents get the support they need to provide an even better experience for their own customers, thanks to ARL’s ongoing commitment to their independent businesses. That support includes a computer platform, transportation insurance, safety and permitting, billing and banking support, fueling programs, and other benefits.

With this successful partnership, Ron expects to adopt KeepTruckin’s Smart Dashcam into all of the trucks in the ARL network. Ron says that the idea of having a road-facing camera didn’t appeal to some drivers, but with proper safety education, the sentiment quickly shifted. ARL assured drivers that video technology ensures that at the end of the day, the driver is safe.

Transporting the future

In the next five to 10 years, Ron says he sees growing ARL’s revenue and diversifying the company as important next steps. For new drivers, Ron has this essential advice:


“When you’re young, things look good. Treat people well, find good strategic partners [and] align with a company like ARL for the tools to run a more successful business.

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