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With its motto, ‘Business Done Right,’ Canadian trucking company BDR International prides itself on a strong trucking culture and low driver turnover. Established in 1990, BDR acquired M.P. Enterprises and GLG Express, with services that include coverage throughout North America. The asset area of BDR’s business covers LTL services throughout Ontario and parts of the U.S.

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When drivers advocated for KeepTruckin, BDR listened

BDR cares for the people it serves, placing an emphasis on the customer and taking care of its employees. This mentality carries through to the partners with which BDR chooses to work.

Drivers are critical to the business, and BDR goes the extra mile to retain happy drivers. Unlike many trucking companies today, BDR sees great driver retention. BDR’s Safety Manager Michelle Yeck knows that company culture has a lot to do with why she can only recall a small handful of drivers leaving BDR in the past year.

BDR understands that drivers are critical to the business and strive to make driver retention a priority. Incredibly, they have a retention rate of 92 percent, which means only 8 percent of their drivers are turning over

“We have a very high retention rate. I always have a cache of resumes of people that want to come here, even when we’re not hiring,” says Yeck. “They talk to our guys on the road who advocate for our company because they are happy and they like how they’re treated.”

Already frustrated with their experience using Omnitracs IVG, BDR management was receptive when drivers said they were downloading the KeepTruckin App.

[The drivers] kept telling us, ‘you know, this is really easy and we really like it. Can we use this?’” says Yeck.

Mindful of the financing requirements to change providers, BDR managers gathered more information on KeepTruckin’s Buyout program while under an existing contract.

Easier to use

BDR was not happy with Omnitracs and drivers downloaded the KeepTruckin App on their own because it was easier to use.

Family first

BDR prioritizes employees and customers— and KeepTruckin helps BDR drivers avoid stress and put family first.

Level of support

KeepTruckin provides the level of support that BDR needs to help maintain an impressive driver retention rate.


“The support for us is huge and that is
part and parcel of why we went with KeepTruckin. We weren’t getting that with our previous provider.”

Michelle Yeck has been in the trucking industry for three decades. She remembers when load matching was done via fax and everything was on pencil and paper, with card systems on the wall.

The fleet management technology BDR used from Omnitracs did not feel advanced to Yeck. “The equipment was very large, there was a long install, and the updates had to be done by USB plugin,” says Yeck. “You had to download from your computer and then take it out of each individual truck and plug it into the hardware so you could update the new software platform, so it was very cumbersome.”

BDR saw KeepTruckin as an opportunity to move their fleet into the future. An important part of that meant complying with the ELD Mandate for both their U.S. and cross-border operations.

Yeck recalls the devices of the previous vendor, stating, “When they broke down, we didn’t really have options, and then they started to have issues when our warranties ran out on them.”

Impressed with the convenience of KeepTruckin’s Buyout program, BDR was able to make the switch before the U.S. ELD Mandate went into effect.


“Over three-quarters of my drivers thought that KeepTruckin was more user-friendly.”

Building a strong company culture with KeepTruckin

A big part of taking care of the BDR drivers is ensuring they are safe, compliant, and free of unnecessary stress––and this comes top-down at BDR.

“We don’t have a lot of Hours of Service infractions because it comes from the top,” says Yeck. “And this is where a lot of companies fail––they don’t comply with regulations or don’t feel they should have to.”

To BDR, non-compliance would run deeper than dealing with violations. “If you’re asking somebody to not comply with Hours of Service, then you’re putting them in a position where they could possibly lose their license,” says Yeck. “And then not be able to provide for their family.”

KeepTruckin makes it easy for BDR to comply with the ELD Mandate and avoid HOS violations. BDR management reinforces safe and compliant behavior with clear policies and communication.

“We make sure our dispatchers are aware of Hours of Service and that they don’t push drivers to
the point where they have any kind of violation,” explains Yeck.

“We tell drivers to speak up right away if they start seeing their day fall apart because, although we can monitor them and their time through the KeepTruckin App, it doesn’t mean that each dispatcher is doing that for every driver.”

A shared vision of putting the customer first

BDR receives attentive customer service through KeepTruckin––enabling them to provide better service to their own customers.

“With KeepTruckin, we’ve always had someone as our main point of contact, which is great,” says Yeck. “I don’t have to call if I have a problem that I need escalated immediately or I need something looked at right away.”

We don’t want to have service failures; we want our customers to be able to depend on us, and we want to be able to produce for them what they need,” says Yeck.

BDR and KeepTruckin share the same business mindset, which is to succeed and to make the customer number one. We both want to be successful with our customers and help them at the end of the day.”

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