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Daily log audits across 300 drivers had become a paperwork nightmare at BP Express.

For Michael McClanahan, safety director at BP, the problem went beyond one of storage. As his staff struggled to audit each log, hours of service (HOS) violations kept popping up, which was hurting BP's CSA score. When clients began to take their business elsewhere due to safety concerns, Michael turned to a DOT compliance solution that worked for his drivers, his colleagues, and his clients: KeepTruckin.


Michael first heard of KeepTruckin when a newly hired driver asked if he could use KeepTruckin in place of his paper logs.

"I signed up for a Fleet Manager account and saw that right from the KeepTruckin website I could audit and download his logs. I tested electronic logging with a handful of drivers, and just days into the new trial heard something I never expected - drivers called me and said they wished I had done this sooner."

As safety director, Michael appreciated that KeepTruckin's website surfaced HOS violations immediately - paper logs would take weeks. And through the messaging feature, he was able to coach his drivers on the proper course of action right from his desk. As the trial continued, his drivers had fewer and fewer violations and BP's CSA score gradually improved.

I didn't think my drivers would like e-logs, but they love the KeepTruckin app. We have eliminated costly paperwork mistakes, and our CSA score is now improving.
Michael McClanahan

When Michael decided to expand KeepTruckin, he began using his regular safety meetings to tell his drivers about KeepTruckin. He even asked the drivers who originally tested out the platform to give their candid feedback on their experience with KeepTruckin. Drivers signed up in droves, and now someone at each of BP's seven terminals checks KeepTruckin regularly to make sure their drivers' logs are in satisfactory order.


With an improving CSA score, BP Express is beginning to see some of their old clients return to them for business. "Our clients treat safety with the utmost importance. So, for us, the question of improving our safety record has a lot more to do with just avoiding citations and fines. It has to do with our livelihood."

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