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Conner Logistics is a family-owned, power-only logistics company that uses its customers’ trailers. They serve the entire Western Region, including California, Arizona, and Nevada. For Conner Logistics, having a fail-proof GPS is crucial to meeting their customer demands and running an efficient fleet. The company has an impressive 13-year, 99 percent on-time delivery rate. So when their first fleet management system turned out to be unreliable and expensive, they decided to switch to KeepTruckin. They promptly saw a return on investment, plus driver exoneration, twice.

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"[After installing KeepTruckin] I haven’t heard a complaint from a driver in like six months.” -- Sean Conner, CEO.

Key Points:
  • Conner Logistics trialed KeepTruckin and Samsara. They chose KeepTruckin because it was better suited to their needs.
  • After one collision, the Smart Dashcams paid for themselves
  • Two of their drivers were quickly exonerated because of video footage from the truck.

Legacy fleet owner Sean Conner understands the importance of safety and a commitment to timely deliveries and pickups for customers. Conner needed a reliable fleet management system that would support his thriving business and keep his drivers safe.

At the time, the fleet management system he used was difficult to use. His fleet had issues because the system did not work properly. At times, there were gaps in vehicle history. Vehicles would just disappear off the map, or the system would suddenly shut off.

These issues inevitably set off a chain of problems for his business. In a business that runs on timely pickups and deliveries, an unreliable system put his company’s reputation at risk. Internally, managers were advocating for KeepTruckin, and drivers were not thrilled with the complicated mobile experience.

Installing the fleet management system was really difficult too.

“It ended up being a big expense, and getting the system into the trucks was a huge undertaking. It wasn’t like KeepTruckin, where you just plug it in. We had to tear the whole dash [in our trucks] apart.”

KeepTruckin vs. Samsara

Conner and his team actively began researching other fleet management solutions and decided to trial KeepTruckin and Samsara.

When trialing Samsara and KeepTruckin, Conner’s drivers liked how easy it was to use KeepTruckin. In areas where both providers had connectivity, Conner said that some of his fleet managers experienced Samsara’s connection cutting out, whereas with KeepTruckin, they did not.

Choosing KeepTruckin: No complaints in six months and counting

Conner decided KeepTruckin was a better match for their business needs.

A few of Conner’s safety managers and drivers had also used KeepTruckin’s free app in the past and expressed their positive experience.


“[The safety managers] were adamant that we use KeepTruckin. They said it was easier and more convenient for our drivers. And I’ve been really happy since we’ve switched over.”

He added, “Overall, I haven’t heard a complaint from a driver in like six months.”

Experiencing exoneration; avoiding headaches: ‘The [Smart Dashcam] has saved us a few times’

After switching to KeepTruckin and installing the Smart Dashcam in a number of his trucks, Conner Logistics saw an immediate return on investment.

Exoneration #1: Finger-pointing

A heart-stopping, multi-vehicle collision that could’ve caused serious injuries, lawsuits and a whole lot of time ended favorably for Conner Logistics, thanks to the video footage.

“A passenger vehicle swerved into our driver’s lane to avoid rear-ending the car in front of him. Our driver hit him, and the car spun around, but thankfully, no one was injured, and the impact wasn’t too severe.”

Avoiding the blame game

The aftermath of the incident led to both parties claiming innocence and blaming everyone else, including the driver at Conner Logistics. “The other people were trying to say that we hit them and started the chain of collisions.”

Following the incident, Conner watched the footage and was floored when he noticed a child sitting in the passenger’s vehicle. “I watched the video in slow motion and saw a child sitting in the back seat. I even saw the expression on the child’s face during the impact. The video saved us because if that child had been injured, they would’ve gone after us.”

Conner explained that he sent the video footage to the insurance company. They got their truck fixed, and it was business as usual.

Exoneration #2: An easy judgment call

The second exoneration did not prove to be as dramatic as the first, but the dashcam still proved its value. Conner says his driver “was going about 2 miles an hour when the collision occurred.”

The person in the passenger car, however, had a different story. He said the collision was high impact and claimed whiplash injuries. KeepTruckin’s GPS tracking proved the driver’s exact speed, and the Smart Dashcam provided the video footage. After the video was submitted to the insurance companies, Conner said it was an easy judgment and “didn’t go anywhere.” Another case closed.

Plans to expand Smart Dashcams to his entire fleet

Conner knows how beneficial the Smart Dashcams have been for his business and plans to install them in all of his trucks.

“The cameras have paid for themselves with the first collision. The videos saved us.”


“The whole time we worked with our [previous fleet management provider], we never got this kind of conversation, support or anything else. So, I love KeepTruckin’s support!”

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