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Exoneration can be proved from various types of vehicle technology, whether it’s from a dash camera or GPS location history that shows where your vehicles were. For Cordy Environmental, an oil field and construction services company, this exoneration was realized three times, thanks to KeepTruckin’s Vehicle Gateway.

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“Unfortunately, [our employee] was caught in the crossfire but we saved his job. He was a trusted, high-performing employee, but we had to prove it. If it wasn’t for KeepTruckin’s system, we wouldn’t have been able to.”

Key Points

  • Cordy Environmental Inc. researched 15+ fleet management solutions before choosing KeepTruckin.
  • KeepTruckin’s GPS tracking played a crucial role in exonerating their drivers and strengthening the company’s reputation with customers.
  • Drivers love KeepTruckin. After using the KeepTruckin App for just two weeks, a driver told Chatten if he ever wanted to remove the device, he’d “have to fire him first!”

Cordy, which is based in Alberta, Canada, takes safety very seriously. Allen Chatten is the company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor (HSE) and oversees the company’s safety and transportation compliance.

As a seasoned HSE advisor, Chatten understands the important role technology plays in managing a business. It was Chatten who thoroughly researched at least 15 fleet management solutions before choosing KeepTruckin. Chatten would later discover that KeepTruckin’s GPS tracking would play a crucial role in exonerating his drivers while strengthening the company’s reputation with customers.

Here’s how Cordy’s partnership with KeepTruckin raised their accountability, saved them money and resolved everyday stresses that come with running a business.

Exoneration #1: ‘Your truck dumped mud in the wrong place.’

It’s typical for Cordy Environmental Inc. to work on-site with other trucks from different companies.

Because there are so many vehicles in one location, it’s hard to keep track of whose truck did what. Chatten recalled one incident in which the customer believed Cordy was responsible for dumping drill mud in an area where it wasn’t supposed to be.

“It was mud from a drilling well, so that narrowed it down to our vacuum truck.”

This issue was easily resolved after Chatten opened the GPS location history. He pulled the report of where his trucks were over the last few weeks. He then sent the customer a screengrab and explained, “We were able to exonerate ourselves because we proved that we had never even been there in the last two weeks. That was a big help for us because we kept our good standing with our customers.”

He also used KeepTruckin’s geofence feature, which allowed him to see when the truck entered and exited the worksite. Geofence is heavily utilized in Cordy’s business because it allows Chatten to designate a virtual fence and alerts him each time a truck passes through.

“The geofence capabilities showed us that our truck was in and out in four minutes.” According to Chatten, there’s no way a truck can spray mud like that in four minutes. He sent the client the screengrab of the truck’s location and how long the vehicle was on-site.

Another benefit that resulted from this exoneration was that Cordy was able to retain their high-performing employee–the client believed this person was behind the wheel. Cordy’s business development manager, Steven Whitehead, recalled that the client wanted the employee removed from the site. “Unfortunately, [our employee] was caught in the crossfire but we saved his job. He was a trusted, high-performing employee, but we had to prove it. If it wasn’t for KeepTruckin’s system, we wouldn’t have been able to.”

Improve efficiency: ‘We taught our customer how to use geofence on KeepTruckin.’

In order to improve efficiency and minimize the guesswork, Chatten said he gave his customer a KeepTruckin login to see the location of Cordy’s trucks whenever they had any concerns. Chatten already knew how user-friendly KeepTruckin’s dashboard was, so he felt confident in showing his customers what to do.

“I added [the customer] as a fleet manager and told them they can check to see where our trucks are. I showed the customer how to use geofence and breadcrumbs on all of our trucks so she could do a query on her own. The fact that we were able to teach our customer how to do this, well, that just raised our accountability.”

Whitehead believes these exonerations help improve Cordy’s transparency and trust with their customers. Whitehead likes the fact that “it gives them an unbiased version of events.”

Pro tip: Just like Chatten did, you can grant your customers limited access to view the current location of vehicles, location history, receive alerts and view reports. You can also customize features that matter most to you and your customers.

Prevent vehicle misuse, side jobs, and moonlighting with GPS breadcrumb histories.
Exoneration #2: Resolve the stress of billing issues

GPS location history eliminates the he-said-she-said billing disputes that may sometimes arise when Cordy sends its vehicles to strip sites. A strip site removes oil and other materials from mud so it can be reused. Cordy regularly goes to these sites, which charge by the hour.

Chatten explained, “[The driver] will say it took two hours to dispose of materials because we were [waiting] in line, but the customer [who is paying for the expense] says, ‘No, it didn’t take that long.’ So we pull up the GPS location history and show them where our trucks were. You can see that obviously, our driver was still in the line.”

Whitehead added, “If we’re late because our driver got caught behind a train, we can show that as well. It gives us the opportunity to explain how the scope [of the timeline] changed, without it being anyone’s fault.”

Cordy’s drivers appreciate KeepTruckin

Chatten first learned about KeepTruckin through a colleague and started with KeepTruckin’s free app. After discovering how easy it was to use, he then installed a Vehicle Gateway in one of his trucks. Two weeks later, a driver told Chatten if he ever wanted to remove the device he’d “have to fire him first!”

He knew then that he would install KeepTruckin in all of Cordy’s vehicles.

GPS tracking also provides peace of mind from theft

Chatten often worries about the impact of theft, saying, “Being able to track the vehicle is incredibly important and a huge safety asset for us.”

KeepTruckin’s Smart Dashcams may be on the horizon for Cordy

Whitehead says he understands the need for dashcams and points out, “We’re not closing that door. As accountability and electronic tracking increases, it would be something that we revisit for sure.”

Chatten expressed the desire to stay competitive through being safer and believes dash cams can provide that. “Especially with us being in the spill cleanup business, there are so many things that can go wrong. If we can be better than our competition, that’s a huge selling feature.”

For the employee who was proven innocent of spraying mud on the site, Chatten recognizes that if they had a dash cam in the truck, “it would’ve exonerated us that much sooner.”

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