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Why Heritage-Crystal Clean Switched to KeepTruckin

Elgin, Illinois
Fleet Size
Environmental services

“End to end, KeepTruckin is fantastic for both fleet managers and drivers.”

Key Results:

  • Reduced HOS violations by 25%
  • Improved CSA scores by 38%
  • Increased access to safety data

Meet Heritage-Crystal Clean

Heritage-Crystal Clean (HCC) is a national leader in the environmental services market focused on recycling waste for reuse. Based in Illinois, HCC operates over 90 service branches across the United States and Canada and multiple waste recovery centers — including an oil re-refinery, regional antifreeze recovery centers, and several wastewater treatment facilities. The company uses its nearly 1,000 vehicles to safely transport hazardous and recycled materials to and from various locations.

The journey to KeepTruckin

To manage its fleet operations and ensure ELD compliance, HCC initially partnered with another telematics provider. But HCC found the system cumbersome, making it challenging to find the compliance data and safety insights HCC needed to succeed. 

“It was painstakingly difficult to navigate through our previous system,” recalls Ryan Duffy, DOT Compliance and Safety Manager at HCC. “Just to get to the data we needed for simple compliance and safety interactions was a challenge. Plus, the driver app would randomly crash throughout the day. It would constantly miss trips or disconnect. It was practically a guarantee to have four or five calls a day about something calamitous with the app.”

After vetting multiple vendors, HCC switched to KeepTruckin for a more user-friendly way to ensure ELD compliance and streamline its fleet management processes. 

Easier access to compliance data

One key reason HCC transitioned to KeepTruckin was the system’s intuitive user-interface that could help simplify HCC’s compliance management. “In KeepTruckin, the compliance and safety data is presented in a way that’s a lot simpler to see and to share,” says Duffy. “The system allows us to be much more efficient and touch more events than we ever have before.”

Now, HCC can quickly drill down to the exact data it needs. “If I’m trying to get to a particular driving event,” explains Duffy, “KeepTruckin makes it much easier to narrow down exactly who the driver was, what the vehicle was, where it was, the time, the date, everything. And if we need to interact with, correct, or audit that data, there are fewer steps to get to that point.”

A more reliable and intuitive driver app

After facing connectivity and reliability issues with the previous driver app, HCC’s drivers and fleet managers were eager to move to KeepTruckin in hopes for a better user experience.

“Easily one of the biggest deciding factors when we went to KeepTruckin was the ease, usability, and reliability of the KeepTruckin Driver App,” notes Duffy. “End to end, it’s fantastic for both the driver and fleet manager. We considered the person who’s going to be using the app, interacting with the vehicle in the app, and recording the information, so we could find an app that would work best for our people.”

Improved OSHA reporting and HOS compliance

Because KeepTruckin is so easy to use and adopt, the system empowers HCC with accurate compliance data and key reports the company can use to assess progress and quickly address any safety concerns.

“We use KeepTruckin for OSHA recording for all our safety sensitive employees,” begins Duffy. “So, we have people in KeepTruckin that don’t operate a commercial vehicle, but still record their work hours in the system in order to get that data into the OSHA report we capture. We haven’t found a more effective way with any other system for capturing work time.”

Since switching to KeepTruckin, the HCC team has seen incredible results. “We’ve been able to reduce HOS violations by 25%, while improving our CSA scores by 38%,” boasts Duffy. “KeepTruckin transforms things like compliance, which can be cumbersome and difficult to understand, into something simple. Anybody can jump in and, within a day, figure out how to address a safety or compliance issue.”

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