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“[We were using KeepTruckin] but decided to switch it up to see if drivers would like a new system better. They did not like it! [Drivers] liked using KeepTruckin better. It was the general consensus for everybody.” -- Ryan Bennett, REY Logistics Coordination Manager

Southampton, PA
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Regional truckload transportation

“These issues [after switching from KeepTruckin to another fleet management solution] ended up costing us a lot of wasted hours, and as you know, time is money.” -- Ryan Bennett

Key Points:

  • REY Logistics used KeepTruckin for about a year, without any issues. The company tried “switching it up a bit to see if [another system] might be better for the drivers.”
  • They quickly realized the new system was not reliable and would consistently shut off, causing driver frustration.
  • Due to a high volume of complaints from their drivers and safety managers, the company quickly switched back to KeepTruckin.

REY Logistics brings together industry experience, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and good people with a vision to be the best, to serve the truckload transportation needs of the top shippers in America. Their services improve the daily lives of people by moving goods and supplies to supermarket shelves, the manufacturing production lines, or home-improvement stores.

REY Logistics is a truckload transportation logistics company that hauls loads to the East Coast and Northeast. Like many logistics companies, they use fleet management technology to track their trucks and trailers while keeping their drivers compliant and safe on the roads.

Change is inevitable in order for businesses to grow and keep up with the competition.

For Pennsylvania-based company REY Logistics, this change simply boiled down to a desire to cut costs. The fleet had used KeepTruckin for about a year but changed their fleet management system to another provider. After a few months with their new provider, REY Logistics coordination manager Ryan Bennett realized it was a mistake.


“The drivers and safety managers were not a fan of the new system because there were a lot of technical issues.”

Wasted time, money, and driver unhappiness

These issues REY Logistics faced mostly had to do with technical difficulties. For one, the provider’s ELD had issues merging with their PCS system. Bennett noted, “We finally did get it integrated, but the actual hardware and technology did not work too well. The system would actually shut itself off [especially] if a driver was in a bad area.”

Unreliability seemed to be an on-going theme among drivers, who griped about automatic triggers for drive times. The system would incorrectly categorize drivers as being in personal conveyance or take them out of personal conveyance. Because of this, the safety department spent a big chunk of their day answering angry phone calls that included comments such as, “I hate this system,” and “Why did we switch [from KeepTruckin]!”

An unreliable fleet management system is bad for business

For a business whose livelihood hangs on timely deliveries and knowing where their trucks are at all times, a reliable fleet management solution is crucial. “These issues ended up costing us a lot of wasted hours, and as you know, time is money.”

After a few short months of experiencing these issues, REY Logistics decided to switch back to KeepTruckin.

The return to KeepTruckin and a quiet back-office

The transition back to KeepTruckin meant spending less time on the phones and fielding complaints.

Bennett, who prides himself on understanding and sympathizing with the drivers, wanted to smooth out general driver unhappiness. “I was also a driver for four years, so I always try to side with the drivers. I want to make changes that will make their lives easier. It’s important to keep my guys happy.”


“A quiet back-office is a good thing. [After the switch], I haven’t heard a peep. When I was with the other system, I was getting calls constantly, [with drivers saying] ‘This did that and my hours were set incorrectly.’ But I have not gotten these phone calls with KeepTruckin, so I’m happy about that.”

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