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Communication and safety manager Stacy Hill of Tri-pol Enterprises uses data from KeepTruckin’s Smart Dashcam to save the company money on insurance and provide high-quality driver coaching.

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"Our insurance provider cut our renewal rate from 45% to 17% because of KeepTruckin’s Smart Dashcam & DRIVE Safety Score."

Communication and safety manager Stacy Hill of Tri-pol Enterprises uses data from KeepTruckin’s Smart Dashcam to save the company money on insurance and provide high-quality driver coaching. 

Hill, a former driver and Excel wizard, uses Keeptruckin driver and vehicle data as evidence that his drivers are safer and more efficient. This program directly resulted in the company saving on insurance costs for the year. 

Hill explained that Tri-pol’s insurance premiums were going up and the amount was a lot steeper than previous years. Despite not having any driver claims, cargo claims, or collisions in the last 10 to 15 years, their insurance company planned on raising their premiums. “We were looking at a 45 percent increase.” 

Up until this point, Hill had aggregated driver scorecards and believed he had enough evidence to prove to the insurance company that his drivers were safe. “I showed them what I’ve been doing with the data from KeepTruckin and how I was dealing with my drivers to improve their performance.”

Specifically, it outlined how harsh braking incidents improved, due to Hill’s underlying, data-driven safety program. The data from KeepTruckin helped identify who to coach and the safety score enabled Hill to focus on the riskiest drivers.

Hill talked about an older driver he had coached with the data, saying, “Every 500 kilometers, [the driver] had a hard braking event. I showed him the KeepTruckin Scorecard and coached him on safer driving habits. He went from 500 kilometers to 2,500 kilometers between his hard braking events in just one week. He was so happy and proud.”

This driver’s improved braking habit is just one example of Tri-pol’s overall improvements. The entire fleet experienced a 13.75 percent increase in the distance between harsh braking events.

Tri-pol cut their insurance premium increase in half

Hill was successful in convincing the insurance company to lower the cost of the insurance premium through the use of his data, as he was able to show the progression of safety metrics. Over a short period of time, Tri-pol’s safety improved while dangerous driving behaviors decreased. Tri-pol’s active measures, such as removing unsafe drivers, enforced safety policies and maintained safe driving habits.

Hill recalled the conversation and beamed, “The insurance company increased the rate only 17 percent and not the 45 percent because I could show them what we were doing based on the data that KeepTruckin provided.”

It was a big win for Tri-pol that would save them the stress of dealing with the increased rates. This also confirmed the need for Hill to continue analyzing the data to improve his coaching methods.

Hill uses the data to figure out who is being safe and who needs improvement, but he also aims to systematize his safety protocol to make it scalable.

Dash cams provide the buffer to effectively coach without negativity

As someone who’s been in the industry for more than three decades, Hill understands that coaching and pointing out mistakes in driver behavior can be a touchy subject. 

“You’re dealing with people’s egos. All these drivers already think they’re great drivers. Statistically speaking though, the data shows there’s room for improvement.”

He recalled a recent coaching session where the Smart Dashcam helped smooth out the tension with a really great driver who happened to make a “colossal mistake.”

“I showed him the dash cam footage and [the driver] agreed, ‘I really screwed up, it won’t happen again.’” Without this footage, it would have been a much different conversation. 

Data-driven methodology for a successful safety program

With the Smart Dashcam and safety data, Hill is able to better process and outcomes in his data-driven safety program. Specifically, Hill looks out for harsh braking events for the company’s 30 trucks and drivers. He examines the following factors in a three-month timeframe to determine who needs coaching.

  • Harsh braking: “I take each driver’s breadcrumbs and integrate how many hard braking incidents they’ve had in that same timeframe.” 
  • Vehicle location: “I check to see if there are hills in the area where the harsh braking occurred. This provides context around the event.”
  • Vehicle speed: “We have a speed limit set for the company, which is 65 miles per hour. So anything over 50 miles per hour will be recorded.”
  • Video footage: “It gives me the big picture of everything.”

Hill also checks the driver’s average speed and total fuel usage to add to the coaching session so he can let the driver know if he’s idling too much and wasting fuel, for example.

While Hill recognizes that gathering this information on each driver is very labor-intensive, he points out, “KeepTruckin is useful because I can find this data in just a few clicks.”

At the end of the three months, the videos and data are available through KeepTruckin’s integrated DRIVE safety score, which highlights the effectiveness of his program in measurable terms.

More data would help companies hire safer drivers

Moving forward, Hill knows that the data he collects around drivers and their on-the-road behaviors can also help companies hire safer drivers.

“It’s going to help the industry and drivers to be more cognizant of their behavior on the road. It’s about being mindful; it’s making them better drivers.”

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