Smart Dashcam

Your eyewitness on the road and into driver behavior.


Visibility into risk

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Use AI video to identify your riskiest drivers.

Coaching that works

Create personalized driver coaching using their own video as supporting evidence.

Protect your business

Use video evidence to avoid paying for someone else’s mistake.

A year ago, our drivers didn’t want cameras in their trucks because they thought they were too intrusive. After seeing the KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam at work, they now realize a camera can save their backsides in an accident.

See what’s behind the lens.
Here’s how the Smart Dashcam turns video into insights:


Smart technology automatically detects unsafe driving events.


Get instantly alerted of the unsafe driving event and see the recording online.

Dashcam + DRIVE

AI analyzes video, road conditions, and more to tag behavior like tailgating or speeding.


Take action to coach drivers using videos and risk scores directly from the Safety Hub.

Protect your drivers, business, and reputation

The Smart Dashcam captures what you can’t see coming. Use video evidence to protect innocent drivers and get your business off the hook from a potential nuclear verdict.

See and correct driver behavior

Using AI, the Smart Dashcam identifies unsafe driving behavior like tailgating and distraction—allowing you to quickly see what happened and why. Use these insights to create tailored coaching for those who need it most.

Easy-to-use technology

Reliable and user-friendly, the Smart Dashcam ensures you always have video on your side.

  • 10-minute installation, no mechanics required
  • No dealing with SD cards, charging batteries, or manually recording over footage
  • Works when you do, tamper-resistant
  • Easily download footage from a specific date and time

Smart Dashcam specs

Smart Dashcam specs





Road-facing camera

1920 x 1080



Driver-facing camera

1280 x 720



Frequently asked questions

The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway and AI-technology from the Smart Dashcam automatically detect and identify unsafe driver behavior (driver safety events), like hard brakes, tailgating or distraction. Our DRIVE risk score analyzes the video for complete context. Insights are sent in real-time to the Safety Hub, where admins can take action to coach behavior and prevent accidents.

Telematic events like hard brakes, hard accelerations, and hard corners trigger video. AI-event detection, like tailgating and distraction, also triggers video.

No. The Smart Dashcam uses cellular connectivity in the Vehicle Gateway to upload all triggered video content.

The Smart Dashcam can be used with any subscription plan; however, many other safety features that can be used to help prevent accidents, like speeding, are only available in the Pro or Enterprise subscription plans.

KeepTruckin uses video data collected from dashcams for a variety of purposes, including internal quality assurance, to improve our products, and to develop new features and services. We’ll only share your video data with your approval, or with third parties on an anonymous, de-identified basis that prioritizes your privacy.

We currently offer both a road-facing and dual-facing dashcams. The road-facing dashcam only has one camera that records what’s on the road, and the dual-facing dashcam has both a road-facing and driver-facing camera that records in the cab. Customers can purchase either camera.

If a dashcam is disconnected, the fleet admin will automatically be notified.

Yes. However, a Vehicle Gateway is still required in order to power the Smart Dashcam.

You can retrieve video footage of driver safety events from the past 35 hours. 

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