AI Dashcam
installation and support

The most up-to-date info about our dual-facing & road-facing models.

Getting started


Make sure you’ve installed a Vehicle Gateway with an orange USB port (model: LBB-3.6CA) before continuing with next steps. Learn how


Download the
Driver App


Connect your AI Dashcam

Use the USB cable to connect your camera to the Vehicle Gateway.


Test the mounting location

Select the best place to position your camera, then test it using the Driver App.


Mount your
AI Dashcam

Firmly attach and secure your camera.

Get the latest installation instructions


In-cab alerts

When unsafe driving behavior is detected, the AI Dashcam automatically notifies drivers through a combination of visual and audio feedback. Learn more

Visual alerts

Camera is recording

Quick Capture

Harsh event


Audio alerts

Hard corner*, brake, or acceleration
Close following
Cell phone usage
Live streaming** enabled/disabled
Quick Capture
Dashcam disconnected*
Unidentified trip

*Coming soon | ** Optional feature; must be turned on by fleet admin

Quick Capture

With the push of a button, drivers can record anything they see worth documenting and share it directly with their safety team.

Innovative safety features

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How to get a test image from the AI Dashcam

If your KeepTruckin Driver App fails to get the test image from the AI Dashcam, and you’ve confirmed that the LED lights are powered ON, then follow the steps below to resolve the…

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AI Dashcam installation guide

Congratulations on making your fleet safer with your new AI Dashcam! Getting setup will take about 20 minutes and we’ll walk you through every step of the way. First, make sure you have…

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AI Dashcam support hub

Use this list of articles to get help with the topics you’re most interested in, from learning how AI-specific features work to removing the camera mount and so much more.

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