One video can save your business.

The Smart Dashcam captures what you can’t see coming.

Don’t ask, “how’s my driving?”

The Smart Dashcam shows what’s happening out on the road.

Advanced video intelligence

The Smart Dashcam uses AI to get more out of your footage.


Don’t pay for another driver’s mistake.

Protect your business.

  • Capture HD video and show proof on the spot
  • Access videos online, 24/7—no hassling with SD cards


Be proactive, not reactive.

Identify and correct driving behavior.

  • Get instant alerts of unsafe driving
  • Scorecards quickly show driver performance
  • Coach at-risk drivers to reduce collisions and insurance cost


See every detail with intelligent video.

AI and computer vision detect driving variables on the scene.

  • Identify cutoffs, lane changes, tailgating, and driver distraction
  • View important context like speed and location

We were involved in a collision that could have cost us $500,000 but because we had video proof, we were exonerated.

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