Driver Coaching

Correct unsafe driving and prevent accidents with personalized driver coaching.


Identify risk

AI automatically helps identify your risky drivers and their specific behaviors on the road.

Prevent accidents

Proactively coach drivers to improve behavior over time or remove underperformers before it’s too late.

Retain top performers

Increase driver retention and reduce turnover cost by tracking and rewarding your safest drivers.

KeepTruckin driver scorecards and Smart Dashcam footage have made our coaching much more effective. Within the first four months of installing the cameras and using video-based coaching, we saw a 50% reduction in hard braking and almost a 70% reduction in hard accelerations.

Accurately identify driver risk with DRIVE

A lot can happen on the road. Some events are innocent, others can be a cause for concern. Our proprietary risk score, DRIVE, analyzes road conditions, dashcam video, telematics, vehicle type, location, weather, HOS, and more to measure individual and fleet-level driving performance.

See how your DRIVE score compares to 350,000 drivers

Benchmark your fleet’s performance against the largest network of drivers in the nation. Track your score over time to monitor trends so you can adjust coaching or find new focus areas.

Manage your entire safety program in one place

Close all those tabs and folders. The Safety Hub aggregates dashcam video along with telematic events like swerving, hard braking, and speeding from our Vehicle Gateway to create a 360° view of your fleet safety. Quickly see recent critical events and high-risk drivers so you can focus on what matters most.

Automated driver coaching

Don’t leave fleet safety up to chance. Use video from the Smart Dashcam as supporting visual evidence for personalized coaching.

Allow drivers to proactively self-coach by viewing their own videos in the KeepTruckin Driver App.

Frequently asked questions

The DRIVE risk score is calculated at the driver & fleet level and looks at hard brakes, hard accelerations and speeding (based on the free flow of traffic) events. Within these events, we evaluate the intensity and duration of the event in addition to understanding the typical behavior for the vehicle type and geographic location of the event. With our network of over 350k trucks, we’ve learned a lot about every road segment in America, which lets us understand the driver behavior in the context of where and when they drive. We don’t just look at the counts of events, we go deeper. 

Once an event is detected, DRIVE compares the behavior of the event against the expected behavior for that vehicle type on that specific road segment. The more anomalous and intense the event, the more negative the impact to the driver’s score.

We take a weighted average based on miles of driver scores. For example: somebody who drove 1,000 miles would count only 1.5x more than someone who drove 100 miles as opposed to being 10x more with a simple average weighting by distance.

For video data and other driver safety events, KeepTruckin has a flexible data retention policy that is customizable per fleet. However, you will only be able to see information for times where the driver was connected to the Vehicle Gateway.

The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway uses multiple sensors to arrive at the most accurate possible measurement of hazardous driving events. The Vehicle Gateway includes accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, speed sensors, and is connected to the vehicle’s onboard systems. The Smart Dashcam also uses AI-event detection to pick up on behaviors like tailgating or distraction.

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