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The KeepTruckin + McLeod integration has eliminated a large majority of calls related to loads. We’re saving 625 hours per month by using technology for smarter dispatching. That’s cost savings of almost $400k per year.

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Frequently asked questions

HOS and locations are available within your TMS. This can be used to easily match loads with the closest driver with the required remaining hours.

Drivers receive full load information including addresses, pick up windows, cargo details, and special instructions.

Dispatchers can easily set required forms for each stop. The KeepTruckin App will help complete forms with known data, such as geofenced arrival and departure times.

Drivers are notified of dispatch updates or cancellations immediately.

Drivers use the KeepTruckin Messaging tool they’re already familiar with. Locations and photos can be shared with a single click. No phone calls, texts, or faxes necessary.

Driver Workflow is included in all Enterprise plans. Starter and Pro customers can upgrade their plan to access this feature.

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