What is a dual dashcam?

A dual dashcam (also commonly known as a dual-facing dashcam) comes with one camera lens facing the front view (towards the road) and the other facing in-cab (towards the driver).

The in-cab activity view helps fleet managers identify distracted drivers quickly, allowing them to promptly take corrective measures. This can provide the necessary context to help eliminate risky driving behavior (such as drowsiness or texting) that can lead to road accidents and potential liabilities for the company.

Benefits of dual dashcams

Here are several advantages of using dual-facing dashcams for your fleet.

  • Exonerate drivers. Dual-facing dashcams provide video evidence that can help prove a driver’s innocence in case of a vehicular incident or accident where the driver is not at fault.

    In-cab footage may show if the driver was attentive and driving responsibly, while the road-facing camera lens will capture the collision. 

    Dual-facing dashcam footage and data can help determine the responsible party, allowing you to protect your drivers and company more effectively from potential legal battles and false claims.

  • Protect against cargo theft. Road-facing dashcams don’t record what’s happening inside the cab. Dual-facing cameras can help you identify perpetrators in case of vandalism or cargo theft.

    With dual-facing cameras, you also get footage of the event that may help bring the perpetrators to justice.

  • Protect your business. You never know how disciplined other drivers are on the road. According to a study, passenger vehicles may be at-fault in almost 80% of collisions with commercial motor vehicles. However, commercial drivers are more likely to be blamed. 

    With real-time dashcam footage for what happens in front of the road as well as in the cab, drivers and fleet managers can protect their business with a dashcam as their trusted eye witness.

  • Improve driver behavior. Footage captured from a dual dashcam allows fleet managers to review positive and negative driving behavior—to provide incentives and recognition where they’re due.

    It also serves as a good reference when onboarding and training new drivers, since dual dashcam videos make coaching more practical and easier to understand.

  • Prevent insurance fraud. When something happens on the road, dual dashcam videos can provide clear evidence to your insurance company. 

    This can help support your driver’s and company’s claim if the other party refutes it in the event of an accident and ensures your company doesn’t pay for someone else’s mistake.

    The footage can also help cut down on long investigations and legal processes, leading to lower fees.

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