Fleet Management

What is Fleet Management Software?

A fleet management software is usually a web-based dashboard that collects all the relevant information regarding your fleet operations.

It receives telematics data from vehicles across your fleet and presents all that information in a presentable and easy-to-use format.

Fleet management software is a comprehensive information system of modules monitoring your fleet operations, performance, and vehicle maintenance. 

A standalone app or cloud product, it serves as the focal point for accepting and delivering information to all vehicles, operators, and equipment in the fleet.

Fleet management software programs also help you organize and manage:

  • Drivers, vehicles, assets
  • Fuel and other operational expenses
  • Vehicle and asset location
  • Vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • Hours of Service violations and other compliance-related information
  • Driver behavior and fleet safety scores

Who uses fleet management software?

Fleet management software is mostly used by fleet managers, administrators, and owners, who:

  • Oversee, monitor, and analyze commercial motor vehicle and driver performance data;
  • Preserve and check vehicle life cycle;
  • Lessen related risks, and
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.

A fleet management software helps you streamline, simplify, and enhance your fleet’s end-to-end supervision and automation.

Industries who can also benefit from fleet management software include:

  • Private shipping
  • Logistics, courier service providers, third-party logistics (3PL) firms
  • Food and beverage delivery services
  • Emergency and public fleet services
  • Industrial and construction fleet operations, and
  • Public transport and taxi firms.

What can a fleet management software do?

The right fleet management software can help you with:

  • Driver coaching.  Some fleet management software can help you identify at-risk drivers and manage their driver coaching programs, all in one place.
  • Fleet safety.  A fleet management solution that integrates with dash cams can allow fleet and safety managers to improve fleet safety.  It becomes easy with AI-detection, driver safety scores, and real-time safety alerts.
  • Dispatch and workflow.  Some fleet management software offer an end-to-end, integrated platform to manage dispatch, vehicle tracking, navigation, document management, and even third-party integrations to simplify dispatch and driver workflow.
  • Vehicle maintenance.  Fleet management systems can simplify vehicle maintenance with timely reminders, real-time engine fault code alerts, and custom vehicle inspection reports.
  • Fuel cost optimization.  With the right fleet management software, you can identify drivers who idle for too long or too frequently. This can have a significant positive impact on fuel costs and operating expenditures.
  • Regulatory compliance.  Most fleet management software for the trucking industry offer comprehensive compliance solutions to manage Hours of Service violations, DVIRs, IFTA reporting, and more.

What’s next?

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