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Introducing Smart Load Board

Building the future of freight through more capacity and better matching.

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Never worry about ELD compliance again

Set up your fleet for compliance in minutes with KeepTruckin's FMCSA-registered ELD. It is the easiest, most affordable way to achieve compliance today.

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Get complete visibility into your fleet with advanced telematics

Stay on top of your fleet's operations from KeepTruckin's powerful dashboard. Reduce costs by tracking vehicle health, excessive idling and more.

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Protect drivers and improve efficiency with the power of video

KeepTruckin's video monitoring solution improves driver safety and reduces accident related costs.

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An integrated hardware platform

A modular IoT platform powered by a central Vehicle Gateway that can scale on demand when you need additional features.

Driver App

Driver App

An easy-to-use app that tracks drivers HOS, vehicle inspections and more.

Vehicle Gateway

ELectronic Logging Device

A powerful device that tracks all vehicle data, and connects to the rest of the suite of devices.

Dash Cam


A powerful video monitoring solution that connects directly to the vehicle gateway.

KeepTruckin also helped us with our DOT compliance. We improved our CSA score. KeepTruckin is very easy and convenient to use for every fleet.
Maria Friedrich
Safety Director
Tabor Express
Fleet Size: 100
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Its the most seamless, easiest system I've seen. As far as ELDs, compliance is the biggest issue for us. So being able to find the best ways to stay compliant is key because our resources are limited.
Neal Pollard
VP Operations
RSD Containers
Fleet Size: 15
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One of the things that I like about KeepTruckin is the reports that you can pull because you can analyse that information and figure out where the issues are to make more profit.
Lyndsy Nelms
Compliance and Training
All Access
Fleet Size: 15
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Trusted by fleets of all sizes

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Drivers love KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is the easiest-to-use and most reliable Electronic Logging Device for iPhone and Android.

Top-Rated ELD App

KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook is the highest-rated among drivers.

Rating stars
After trying out several trucking apps I was skeptical that this one would be any different. Wow was I in for a surprise!!! Hands down the best log app out there!!
D Robinson
Rating stars
Easy to print and send all your logs to your email. Law enforcement love the ease and completeness of the app when I handed my phone over.
Robert Waltz
Rating stars
Amazing app, use it everyday and also just had to use the DOT inspection the other day and no problems what so ever.
Lou M.
Rating stars
So much better than a paper log. Access is great from any device that I've used. Location services are fantastic. This app save me so much hassle and time. Thanks!
Cory Bueckert
Rating stars
Keep improving on what you've already improved upon and I'll be a customer for life. I thoroughly enjoy this app and all of the functions I've used so far… I'm looking forward to using more of them.
Rating stars
I love the simplicity of keeping my logs up to date and ability to hit a button to share if needed. We even use this app when training new drivers.
Patrick van Loosen
Rating stars
Very impressed with this app. My company fleet switched to using this app as it's so much easier to use and all my drivers love it. Way to go!
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