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We run winter blend fuel in the Northeast, which drives up our fuel cost. This last year we were spending around $110k/month on fuel, and some months it’s higher than that. With insights from the Fuel Hub, we anticipate annual savings of at least six figures—which is money we get to invest toward other areas of the business.

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Frequently asked questions

Understanding driver behavior is key to managing fuel efficiency. When evaluating fuel consumption across our network, we found significant discrepancies between the top and bottom performing drivers on the same vehicle make/model. This tells us that driver behavior is mission-critical to fuel consumption, and, with coaching, drivers can significantly impact fuel performance to drive impactful ROI for their fleets. The Fuel Hub helps managers get a quick understanding of consumption patterns across their fleet, deep-dive into driver and vehicle performance, and set up incentive programs to encourage more fuel-efficient behavior.

We leverage the power of one of the industry’s largest fleet networks, analyzing billions of data points produced each day to surface critical context around driving conditions and the specific behaviors that drive fuel waste. With this new context, managers and drivers alike have unparalleled access to actionable insights that they can use to coach driver behavior and to significantly reduce operating costs.

Yes. If you have a fuel card from Comdata or EFS, you can import a CSV of all fuel purchases into KeepTruckin so you can see all fuel purchases. If you do not have a fuel card, drivers can easily upload fuel receipts from the Driver App.

By setting up a preventative maintenance schedule along with alerts, you can ensure that vehicles and assets are getting serviced on time, keeping them on the road.

Using maintenance reminders, you can easily set up a schedule for any type of ongoing maintenance, receiving alerts based on time, distance, or engine hours.

Set up alerts for fault codes so that you can receive notifications in real-time. You’ll also have full control, with the ability to associate alerts to specific vehicles (or segments of vehicles), as well as who receives the notifications.

Yes, our customizable vehicle and asset inspection feature allows you to change the requirements, adjust parts inspected, instructions for each part, and even the declaration. We created a tool with the flexibility to adapt to the needs and workflows of your business–not the other way around.

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