Maintenance & Fuel Management

Track and reduce your operating costs.


A complete maintenance solution

Increase vehicle uptime and reduce repair costs with a proactive approach to maintenance.


Optimize fuel costs

Track consumption and reduce costs with data.


KeepTruckin’s vehicle diagnostics gives us insight into what malfunctioned in the truck in real-time. If it’s something my team can fix, I can avoid paying $3,000 for a tech to head out or $15,000 for a tow truck.

Manage fuel spend and vehicle maintenance with KeepTruckin.

The tools you need to help run your business even better.

Frequently asked questions

By setting up a preventative maintenance schedule and alerts, you can ensure that vehicles and assets are getting serviced on time and stay on the road.

Using the maintenance reminders feature you can easily set up a schedule for any type of maintenance and receive alerts based on time, distance, or engine hours.

You can create an alert for fault codes so you can get email alerts for it in real-time. You can also customize the alert to only look at specific vehicles, and only to send the alerts to specific people.

Yes, our customizable vehicle and asset inspection feature allows you to change the requirements, adjust parts inspected, instructions for each part, and even the declaration. This ensures that your drivers fill out the right inspection for their vehicle and asset.

If you have a fuel card from Comdata or EFS, you can import a CSV of all fuel purchases into KeepTruckin so you can see all fuel purchases. If you do not have a fuel card, drivers can easily add fuel receipts from the mobile app.

KeepTruckin’s Vehicle Utilization feature looks at MPG by vehicle, and breaks down how much time and fuel is spent idling over a given period of time.

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