Marketplace FAQs
We have put together some of the most commonly asked questions to give you more information about the App Marketplace.
The App Marketplace empowers fleet managers and drivers by providing the flexibility to build a customized fleet management solution that meets their needs. From complete visibility into your fleet to actionable insights to effectively manage loads, the App Marketplace offers a variety of tools to improve operational efficiency and maximize cost savings.
We provide a variety of ready-built, customizable apps covering all mission-critical priorities from TMS and insurance to fuel cards and freight brokers. More importantly, you can get started quickly with simple installations that don’t require additional IT support.
Integrations and customizable solutions can be directly activated from the App Marketplace. The seamless integration of existing and newly generated data syncs with back office systems to remove technical complexities, making the process easy for drivers and fleet administrators.
Fleet managers face difficulty tracking and visualizing progress on high priority initiatives, as well as little visibility into status of pending activities and actionable insights. As organizations and fleets expand, it is essential for fleet managers to maximize use of their time. With the App Marketplace, businesses can leverage the power of the KeepTruckin ELD’s in-depth tracking and vehicle data and comprehensive fleet management platform to precisely manage fleet operations and ensure vehicle and driver efficiency.
The App Marketplace allows users to seamlessly opt in to automatically and securely share data with third-party providers.